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Round AR500 Steel Plates: 6", 8", 10", 12" (Gongs)

Atlas Target Works


Imagine a trip to the range where you spend most of your time actually shooting. Sounds like a dream right? WRONG! Ditch your paper targets and shoot Atlas Target Works AR500 rifle rated steel targets. Every hit rings like a bell so you know immediately whether or not you're on target. No more boring walks down range to tape up your bullet holes... just keep on shooting. If you're like most people, your time available to get out and shoot is very limited, don't waste it on inferior targets. 
  • Laser cut AR500 steel
    • Thin, precise cuts provide one of the smallest heat affected zones (HAZ) so your target is as tough as possible.
  • Available in 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" thick.
    • What thickness do I need?
    • If you would like some assistance email me at and I will personally take care of you.
  • Two 1/2" square mounting holes 
    • Easily mounts with 1/2" round headed carriage bolts that handle bullet splatter much better than standard hex head bolts and only require a single wrench to tighten.
  • Compatible Target Mounts
  • Compatible Target Bases
Note: Target may or may not arrive painted white

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