T-Post Hook Mount

  • CNC Laser cut AR500 steel hook
    • Barbed hook keeps your target secure without dampening its ring like chain, belt or springs
    • Mount requires 1/2" square mounting holes found on all of our targets
    Note: I'd recommend not using this mount for anything smaller than a 6" gong. Smaller gongs don't have much mass to absorb the energy of the bullet when it impacts. This causes much more of the energy to transfer to the hook which can cause it to bend and fail prematurely.
      Don't waste your time saving a few bucks on far inferior mounts. These mounts easily slide over a t-post and when mounted behind a gong 6" or bigger expose nothing but the AR500 steel hook.

      Customer Reviews

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      Re-do of review.

      Works great with the nut an bolt! Hung 3 different size gongs on it up to an 8" and it is a fine piece of gear. My bad for missing the nut and bolt...works better than the thick zip tie I used...thanks!

      Sorry about the confusion Frank. Your mount came with a 5/16' bolt/nut that goes into the back to secure the mount so it can't slide down the t-post. You can see it in one of the pictures on the product page but I realize that this isn't near clear enough. To resolve the issue I'll now be sending instructions with every mount and I'll email them to you so you can get up and running ASAP!

      Hey Brad- there weren’t any bolts or nuts in the package with the mounts and since I was going to be shooting fairly small targets (4” and 6”) I picked up some from the hardware store. I was a bit worried the nuts could spin from the vibrations so I drilled holes and put a cotter pin through to keep the nut on. Tested and the bolts seem to stay put without the pin but the threads get pretty banged up. Have you thought of using a clevis pin? Other than that everything is great!

      Sorry about that Brandon. Those mounts are supposed to come with a 5/16' grade 8 bolt/Nut. I wish I could blame an employee but since I'm the only one I have to take all the blame for that messup! The nut is a Nylok which in my experience has never rattled off, even though I only hand tighten it so I can remove it easily. The threads do get chewed up pretty good but only where the nut isn't covering them. Since they're not used and won't prohibit the nut from coming off it hasn't been an issue. I did look at some different pin options but since the bolt seemed to work just fine I went that route so I could keep the price on these as low as possible.
      T-Post Hangers

      Great hangers!! Targets will not come off the hangers when hit. Excellent customer service! Have already purchased more to replace other chain and firehose. A must for anyone that shoots steel!

      T-post mount

      Perfect in every way