AR500 Plate Rack (Non-Remote Reset)

Target Diameter
  • Targets, mounts, and leg brackets all CNC Laser cut AR500 steel for clean, precise cuts
  • Can be mounted above the 2x4 if you want to see them fall or below the 2x4 if you want to see them move but not have to reset them
  • Comes with everything needed except for the 2x4 crossmember and pipe for the legs
  • This package includes
  • All you need to supply is the 2x4 cross member and the 3/4" conduit legs
  • Targets and mounts do NOT come painted

    This is a bit of a unique target that spans the gap between our "Poor Mans Plate Rack" and a full fledged remotely resetable plate rack. It's an excellent target if you like the functionality of a plate rack without the desire to take out a loan to pay for one!

      Customer Reviews

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      Andrew Zadora
      nIce portable target system

      I was given this plate rack system for Christmas from my wife, when she received the box in the mail it was damaged and missing plates. She got in contact with Brad and received excellent support, he made evert right. When I heard of this I was amazed on how much he went over the top on making things right. Now for the target review, I run a variety of calibers \ loads on these plates and they work great. If your trying to knock these down with light loads either build up the front or cut the back legs shorter. Either way it is very easy to tune in it in to what you need in resect to a response. If your wondering I run anything from a 120 PF to a 170 PF with no issues. Will be buying from them in the future.

      thank you

      Tom Orlowski

      Purchased this rack for my Gun Club. We run Centerfire and Rimfire monthly steel plate matches with static steel, pepper poppers, Texas Star etc. Assembled this and tried it last night. In upright position the Rimfire hits were tough to see. Being 3/8 plates I expected that. Using 9mm, some plates when hit off to the side would cause that bracket to twist on the 2x4 and not go down.
      The hanging position is where this really shines. Reaction with 9mm was good and even Rimfire hits could be seen, making scoring easy. Will be ordering a second set.

      AR500 PLATE RACK (NON-REMOTE RESET) 9 reviews

      Product is very well made, thou the brackets that the 2x4 goes into leans left to right not sure anything can be done about that maybe put shims in were the 2x4 goes. Also 9mm had trouble knocking the plates over unless you hit them towards the top. It would be nice if different size plates would fit these brackets instead of having to buy a whole another setup. Also wish you have a set that had plates that are 4 inches in diameter and a 1/4 inch thick to used with rim fire.

      Overall well made product and should last a very long time.

      Jordan VanMeeteren
      Great Quality Targets

      I was looking around the web for steel targets and came across Atlas. Awesome that they are built right here in South Dakota. Really reasonably priced and great quality. Highly recommended to anyone looking to shoot steel.

      Brad Custer
      The Whole Shabang...

      So glad i found Brad's website. Me and my family purchased 12 targets from him and love it.. Communication and shipping was fast! We will be adding more pieces to come from Atlas in the near future