Round AR500 Steel Gongs: 6" - 12" Doube Hole


Imagine a trip to the range where you spend most of your time actually shooting. Sounds like a dream right? With our steel targets and mounting systems, every hit rings like a bell. No more boring walks down range to mark your bullet holes... just keep on shooting. If you're like me, your time available to get out and shoot is limited, don't waste it on inferior targets. 

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      Banghi Traweek
      The best three is

      Glad my targets are Atlas. Very tough and dependable. And easy to hang. Thanks for a great product.

      Ross Thomassie
      Brads the man!!!!

      Great company that always exceeds expectations. Unmatched customer service and quality products. The only place I’ll ever order targets.

      Donald Siegrist
      Great Target & Brackets

      So I just got 2 gongs and 2 mounts which I have not shot at yet but I believe these are quality targets and mounts!! Buy a $4 TPost, $20 mounts and you are basically spending the same as building a 2x4 target stand and what you have is much more compact and durable. I ordered these late on a FRI and it was shipped on SAT. Looking to add on a 2 arm mount and IPSC plate. Owner is very responsive and cares about putting out good product.

      Richard Girgis
      Target Review

      Great target. Excellent purchase experience. Great customer service.

      George Childress
      3/8" Gongs

      I just purchased a 629-1 Smith and Wesson .44 mag and cut up some 1/2" leaf springs to shoot at. They are very entertaining to see go flying off the makeshift holder I made but at 2" wide they are hard to hit every time.
      I got the 6" and 8" 3/8" gongs and now things are better. I hooked them on my holder with 1/8" welding rods and they flip around so I don't have to go and reset anymore. Good targets for the money.