AR500 Gong Hanger Kit - Single or Double Hooks (Parts shown in red)

Number of hooks
  • CNC Laser cut AR500 steel construction
  • Barbed hook keeps your target secure without dampening its ring like chain, belt or springs
    • Slides onto 3/4" EMT Conduit or Black Pipe
    • Hook works great for targets with 1/2" square holes
      • Does NOT work with 1/2" round holes (unless you feel like grinding!)
    • Kit includes
    This kit comes with everything you need to mount your new target but the conduit/pipe which you can easily and cheaply source at your local hardware store. If this is your preferred method of hanging targets this is the mount I recommend most. I guarantee this setup will last longer and ring louder than any other target hanger out there!

      Customer Reviews

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      AR500 Gong Hanger Kit - Single or Double Hooks (Parts shown in red)

      Amazing product.

      I’m an electrician so getting ahold of a few feet of 3/4 inch conduit was very easy for me. It took no more than 45 seconds to put it all together and was very simple. All the cuts of metal are very high quality and work perfectly. I can say I won’t be buying steel targets or hangars anywhere else.

      Great workmanship and comunications

      Brad everything looks great just been to cold or muddy to take them out and shot. The biggest selling point was being able to break targets down to fit in trunk or SUV or 4 wheeler for that matter.
      Atlas Targets was one of the easiest companies that I dealt with in 2018 for business or pleasure !!

      1/2” Gong and Hanger Kit

      These items were purchased as a Christmas gift for my brother (and myself also). Have not had a chance to try them out, but we were both very impressed with the finish and attention to detail. Appears to be an extremely high quality product. The fact that the kit can be purchased as a starter kit and expanded over time by purchasing a longer pipe and additional hangers and gongs was a major selling point.


      So much better than chains. Set some of these at 100 yards and the hangers got hit with no problem - minor nicks. With these, everything lies flat so I can take a bunch of targets out in the field at multiple distances in one trip. Stack of plates, a bag of hangers and end joiners, and a bunch of cheap conduit tubes and I am ready to go!