T-Post Hook Mount

Hook Material
  • CNC Laser cut AR500 steel hook
    • Barbed hook keeps your target secure without dampening its ring like chain, belt or springs
    • Mount requires 1/2" square mounting holes found on all of our targets
    Note: I'd recommend not using this mount for anything smaller than a 6" gong. Smaller gongs don't have much mass to absorb the energy of the bullet when it impacts. This causes much more of the energy to transfer to the hook which can cause it to bend and fail prematurely.
      Don't waste your time saving a few bucks on far inferior mounts. These mounts easily slide over a t-post and when mounted behind a gong 6" or bigger expose nothing but the AR500 steel hook.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 103 reviews
      Steve B
      I love these!

      Absolutely the easiest way to hang steel targets.

      Mike S.
      Love these....

      I just accidently hit one with a 300gr .44 mag at about 30 ft. Thought I broke it. Nope, knocked the paint off and jammed it into the post. Had to wiggle it loose, repainted....good to go. Love them

      Gabe k
      Absolutely the best!

      Allows me to adjust height of target to obscure some of the target if desired. Best ring I’ve got in a target hook. The ability to pair with the hooks and add a KYL at any distance is a great bonus.

      Brian Vaughn
      You make cool stuff.

      As always high quality and cool.

      Great product

      Great product, quality metal work. Easy to install.