T-Post Double Hook Mount

  • CNC Laser cut AR500 steel hooks and crossmember
    • Replaceable hooks keep you up and running if a hook takes one too many direct rifle hits
    • Target is able to vibrate, allowing it to ring with the loud sound of freedom that is dampened by bolting them to chain, strap or springs
    • Mount works great with 1/2" square or circle holes
    • Can accomodate mounting hole spacing between 4-1/2" and 6-7/8"
    This is one of my favorite mounts and has a prominent place on the long distance portion of my range holding up AC Zones every 100 yards. A friend of mine liked how much better they let the target ring than the t-post mounts he had so I made sure that they would work for square or round mounting holes.

    Customer Reviews

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    Coyote Target & Double Hook T-Post Mount

    The targets performed beautifully. The audible ring from a hit is unmistakable. The set up and the ability to adjust the height of the target is very simple. We were shooting at a distance of 100 yards. Multiple T post locations will allow us to change distances quickly for different types of firearms. Your customer service and quick delivery of the two targets was exceptional. I will be ordering more targets and T post adapters and will change the mounts I have on the other steel targets to the T post style.
    All the best,

    T post hanger

    Easy to install, holds target securely. Allows target to swing freely allowing for easy hit indication and audible ring.
    As always Atlas products perform as advertised and
    customer service is top notch.
    Can't go wrong with this product will order again.

    T post dbl hook mount works great!

    I received my t post dbl hook mount and target very fast with tracking. For outdoor use, I painted with rustoleum to prevent surface rust. These do ship Raw and unfinished. Dbl hooks lock in and slide to varied widths to accommodate multiple holes or one hole. The lock bolt that comes with it is perfect for green t posts. It is to long for red t posts as the rib spacing is narrower. Just an fyi. I am completely happy with this purchase and plan to get much use out of this hanger/ target combo! Thank you


    Great Product would definitely purchase again!


    I must have made a mistake on the measurements for my target holes as they are too wide for your mount. No problem though as I attached the target to a chain that is hanging from the mount.
    Finished a day at the range and it worked great. I even noticed I shot the mount once - hardly a blemish.