Rimfire Gravity Popper - Targets Only

Target Shape
  • CNC Laser cut 1/4" AR500 steel for clean, precise cuts
  • If you've already got one of our Gravity Poppers and just want a different target to bolt on then these are for you
  • If you like these target shapes but don't have/want a Gravity Popper I offer all of them in standard gongs in my rimfire collection
  • Each target takes a different number of counterweights to function properly. If you need more, you can purchase them here. Below is a chart of the # of weights needed to counterbalance each target.
 # of counterweights needed
2" Circle 1
3" Circle 2
4" Circle 3
2" Diamond 1
3" Diamond 2
4" Diamond 5
Standing Gopher 4
Sitting Gopher 5
Pop Can 3
Mini IPSC 4
3/4 Mini IPSC 3
1/2 Mini IPSC 2
1/4 Mini IPSC 1
Bigfoot 3
Zombie 4
Green Army Man - Kneeling w/M-16 2
Green Army Man - Kneeling w/Bazooka 1
Green Army Man - M-16 Bayonet Stab 4
Green Army Man - Pistol 3
Green Army Man - Grease Gun
Rabbit 5
Squirrel 3

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Robert Koehler
    Rimfire Gravity Popper

    Great fun and glad I bought it.

    Robert C.
    The gravity popper is a blast!

    I have 4 of these now, all with different targets, they are a lot of fun and add movement to your set up. I use mine at the local gun range. The targets are easy to swap out so you can change them up all the time.

    Great target

    I haven't had a chance to shoot it yet, but it looks nice with great attention to detail. It is real life looking. I can't believe how quick I received it after the order. Highly recommended.

    Stephen Umphress
    .22 targets

    these work like a charm. easy peasy set up and take down. using these
    for ruger rimfire at our club.