Poor Mans Plate Rack

Plate racks are a favorite target of many shooters but the reality is that the high cost and bulk keeps them out of reach for most people. We wanted to create an option for our customers that allowed them to enjoy some of the best parts of a plate rack without the hassle and the cost. Our poor mans plate rack does just that at a price that won't break the bank.

Customer Reviews

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The poor man's plate rack is one of the best investments I've done to improve my shooting! Let it do!


Excellent product and service. Targets were shipped immediately and arrived in Arizona 2 days later. Despite the best efforts of USPS to destroy the package, it arrived safe and intact. Superior workmanship, smooth edges and nicely painted. Very nice sound quality allows audio confirmation of hits, and the targets move freely and allow an easy visual confirmation as well. I have only used pistol calibers so far, but after 1800 rounds over the last month, the plates still look like new once they have been repainted. Brad's videos are very informative and to the point. Excellent customer service and prompt follow-up. Brad has earned my business on my future steel target purchases. Very highly recommended.


The pooran plate rack is so much fun. I have a half 10" and half 8" and the 10" are great for fast target practice. I use to use a rubber dummy also but after 500 rounds on the poor man rack and targets that don't ring are just not satisfactory. Paint was great but it's all pretty much gone and I doubt I'll repaint them. Splatter at 6 yards is non existent it gets dispersed well. Set up is less than 2 min literally by your self. I'm ordering a ispc place tomorrow and will use the hangers to have more options. I will never order targets anywhere else.


Great cut and finish
Very satisfied with my order
Will buy more targets later
Thanks for your personal attention

Great quality for the price!

Used it once since I purchased the poor mans plate rack, in no way or form is the quality for a poor man. Metal plates are constructed well, very audible when I was using my pistol at 15 yards 9mm. The plate hooks and leg hooks slides perfectly on a 2x4. Brad shipped my product same day and got it in 2 days, very responsive to calls also. Thanks Brad for this product for people who can’t afford those very expensive plate racks!