22NRL Rimfire Target Package

  • This target package is acceptable to use for the 2022 NRL22 season
  • CNC Laser cut AR500 steel for clean, precise cuts
  • Target stands include our original barbed hooks to keep your targets on without the need for rubber stoppers or separate pieces that are easy to lose or will fall off
  • Target stands also have barbed stakes to keep them securely in the dirt
  • Target Package Contains
    • (2) KYL (know your limits) target kits with...
      • (1) 1/4" Target
      • (1) 1/2" Target
      • (1) 3/4" Target
      • (1) 1" Target
      • Note that these kits come with everything but the 3/4" conduit legs/cross member that you'll have to source from a local hardware store.
    • (4) Single barbed hook target stands
    • (6) Double barbed hook target stands
    • (17) Round gongs in the following sizes...
      • (2) 1"
      • (3) 1-1/2"
      • (3) 2"
      • (3) 2-1/2"
      • (3) 3"
      • (1) 4"
      • (1) 5"
      • (1) 6"
    • (8) Target keepers (for the targets 2" and smaller)

The stake bases work great but if it's in your budget you will not regret going with the leg bases. It is so much easier to just set the targets where you need them than it is to try and push stakes into hard or frozen ground.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 38 reviews
    Mike Nelson
    Great Targets and amazing customer service!

    We have shot the whole target set for a couple months now and these targets are great but the KYL rack is on an entirely new level! This is the only rack I have seen that has almost no side-to-side movement when it is shot. It also allows for the hanging targets to be changed out without taking apart the rack. As long as you have additional pieces that mount to the cross bar.

    Midwest Precision Shooting
    Brad is great to work with

    Always speedy, professional and reliable! Great quality products and even better service!

    Great targets

    Some of the best targets and customer service you can get!

    Stephen Jesatko
    Best place for club targets!!

    When I was starting matches, I looked around for the best option to aquire targets. I was fortunate enough to work with Brad. His products and customer service are club quality!! We will continue to purchase any additional steel from Atlas.

    Kent C.
    High Quality, Great Design

    I purchased from Brad because of the unique target stand supports he offers. Quality is excellent, assembly is easy and quick. The target support stands are a really great design...very sturdy.

    The stand supports make course of fire changes quick and painless...just pick up the whole stand/target combo and move it to the new location.

    One item to note: if you plan to paint the stands, have a rag or two handy (microfiber worked great) to wipe them off first. They have a thin dusting of carbon from the cutting process.