Know Your Limits (KYL) Target - Rimfire

  • CNC Laser cut 3/8" AR500 steel for clean, precise cuts
    • Target Sizes: 2" - 1.75" - 1.5" - 1.25" - 1" - .75" - .5" - .25"
    • The kit comes with everything you need except (4) 2.5' lengths of 3/4" EMT Conduit and 2.5' of 3/4" Black Pipe
    • Targets do NOT come painted

    You engage a KYL target by starting with the largest target and shooting each subsequently smaller target gaining points for each target struck. You can stop at any target to keep the points you've earned. The catch is that if you miss, you lose all your points. To get as many points as possible you need to... wait for it... know your limits.

    Additional Note: Every other KYL design I've seen uses 1/4" material and in my pursuit to design the perfect KYL target I've found that it's impossible to make one with 1/4" thick material that won't bend with very little use. Previously, I solved this problem by using a design that I had to tig weld the round target onto the hanger, and although it worked great for quite some time, after heavy use the welds start to fail.  This design using 3/8" AR500 is the ultimate in functionality and more importantly reliability, so you can enjoy this target for many years to come!

    From a customer that just emailed me... "I also just received a Kyl set from [redacted].  After just a few shots the 1/2" and 1/4" targets were already bending!  Very disappointing.   That's why I ordered your set of 3/8" thick swingers.   The others were 1/4" thick"

    Customer Reviews

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    Jeremy Orr
    Very nice KYL rack.

    Finally got to use these this past weekend. Very impressed, will order more in the future.

    Hugh Hall
    Very well made

    Shot this target at 50 yards with several hundred rounds. No bending or warping. Performance was excellent. The targets are made with beautiful craftsmanship, and Brad has well thought out the design. My son and I had a fun afternoon especially trying to see who could hit the 1/4 inch target the most often and run the course. Fun day.

    Owen Fj
    KYL Target

    I must admit that I was a bit hesitant to spend the extra money for the Atlas KYL Target but I am now glad that I did. It is well designed and of top quality. I expect this target will outlast me! I highly recommend Atlas Target and I will be a repeat customer.

    Cameron Lange
    Fast shipping and high quality

    I shopped several different brands of KYL targets, and history tells me to spend the xtra dollar and go first class. This target setup is no joke. I am very happy I spent a few xtra bucks and got the right target the first time. Very fast shipping, and stayed inside his 2cweek lead time window.
    Thank you for a great product to get me practicing in the NRL22 world.!

    Gary Spoden
    KLY rimfire target

    have got it ready to go field is wet yet by bullet stop very happy with product so far