Horizontal AR500 2x4 Gong Hook

  • CNC Laser cut AR500 steel construction
  • Barbed hook keeps your target secure without dampening its ring like chain, belt or springs
    • Slides onto a 2x4 without the need for any tools
    • Mount works great with 1/2" square holes
    This mount works awesome and is a part of several targets I always have on my range. It's the key mount that makes the poor mans plate rack possible but I also like to use them to mount targets like our IPSC AC Zone side by side with other targets while using a single stand. 

      Customer Reviews

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      Great common sense design.

      It's great to be able to use the same hooks whether shooting A/C zones at a half mile, or setting up a plate rack on a budget. The minimalist design and weight is great for packing in the trunk without undue clutter and enjoying practice at the range without dragging around heavy, complicated target stands.

      Horizontal AR500 2x4 Gong Hooks

      Quality Product! Very Fast and Friendly Service. The Hooks Work GREAT for Hanging 8" Plates on a 2x4 Plate Rack. Would definitely buy from Brad again.

      Excellent Customer Service

      Excellent product. Excellent customer service before, during, and after the sale.

      2x4 Gong Hook

      I used the 2x4 Gong Hook for a training class i ran last month. The design of the whole system made set up and take down very easy. The gong hook allowed me to quickly change gongs and targets. I'm very satisfied with the gong hooks.

      Atlas 2x4 Gong Hooks are smart, terrific!

      I remember very prompt delivery, thanks... Personally, I much favor using 2x4 gong holder frames and these Atlas hooks simply work smarter and easier than bolts w/springs. They hold the targets high, allow the right amount of visual movement feedback, can slide/adjust along the 2x4, and have a discreet/low profile so do not cause hangups in the back of my truck. Each of my 6 total hooks have taken pistol FMJs straight on without a scratch. Very pleased!