Horizontal AR500 2x4 Gong Hook

  • CNC Laser cut AR500 steel construction
  • Barbed hook keeps your target secure without dampening its ring like chain, belt or springs
    • Slides onto a 2x4 without the need for any tools
    • Mount works great with 1/2" square holes
    This mount works awesome and is a part of several targets I always have on my range. It's the key mount that makes the poor mans plate rack possible but I also like to use them to mount targets like our IPSC AC Zone side by side with other targets while using a single stand. 

      Customer Reviews

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      Kevin S
      Happy shooter!

      Filled my order and got it to me FAST. Used these gong hooks to make a poor mans plate rack using atlas targets i already had. Ive shot the hell out of Brads targets for the last several years from .22 all the way up to 338 lapua and have yet to ruin one. Follow the recommendations on the sticker and i believe they will last for years. Great products and customer service keeps people coming back for more.

      Willis Cassady
      Hook mount

      This is the best way to hang your targets, with the mount on top of the 2x4 the target covers the wood from being shot and the back of the plate hits the hanger when shot and rings louder than normal, great products, just get them!!!!

      Steve B
      Simplicity defined

      I’ve been using the 2x4 gong hook as part of a mobile range that I have.
      When coupled with the leg brackets, everything is easy to transport and set up only takes a few minutes.
      Atlas makes the best and most practical equipment for setting up an impromptu range.
      I also have all Atlas hardware at my dedicated home range.

      Chad S
      Simple design and work Great!!!

      The design is great!
      Helps the targets hang loosely so they make lots of sound metal resonates freely when hitting them.

      James M.
      AR500 steel plate target hangers

      Bought these to use with CTS, ShootSteel, and XSteelTargets. These plate hangers are custom to the vendor, but using one set of Atlas hangers I can setup all targets using one hanger type. I’ll be ordering more hangers from Atlas. Also, I like the size of their 2x4 side hanger for hanging multiple plates on a single 2x4 post. Fulfillment and delivery was fast and all items arrived ahead of estimated delivery date. Excellent!!!