Full Size AR500 Side Profile Reactive Coyote Target

  • CNC Laser cut AR500 steel for clean, precise cuts
  • 100% full size coyote
  • Realistic vital flapper shape and location
  • Target does NOT come painted
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    I designed this target with the help of my friend Ken Nordstrom. Ken hunts coyotes both for fun and for competition and he wanted a target that would 100% mimic a real-life coyote so he could stay sharp without ever leaving his yard. Using measurements he's taken from skun coyotes over the years he figured out the golden # of 18" (watch the video if you'd like more detail). Practice on this target will get you ready for the real deal without compromise.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 21 reviews
    Tyler Naudet

    As a dedicated coyote hunter It was awesome to see someone take the time to make an anatomically correct coyote target. It really makes you realize that wind calls are a necessity at distance. Shipping was better than Amazon prime. Already got my eye on the next atlas target I want to purchase, the quality and an outstanding.

    Churtis gaziano

    The quality is very good. Haven't got to shoot it alot but holds up flawlessly to my 223 with a 40gr vmax at 3400fps and my 6.5 creed with a 130tmk at 2950fps. Both at 100yards will be buying more in the future well worth the money. 2 shots from 6.5creed not even a dimple in the steel

    Dick Campbell
    Outstanding fun, great competition with the grandsons.

    Had the opportunity to have a little competition with 6 of our 9 grandsons using the full size reactive coyote at ranges from 168yds to 504yds.
    Youngest grandson at 9 smoked the coyote first attempt at 504yds much to the delight of this grandpa. He was using a 28 nosler, target shows no damage from hits with 6.5 CM, 28nos, 300 PRC. Outstanding quality and should outlast me.

    Joey M

    Great life size target, it helped me dial my pasture poodle rifle in at various ranges on the vitals with a good audio a visual feedback for hits. Customer service is Above and Beyond any other company. Will be buying other tagets soon!

    Craig Evans
    Coyote target

    This is the best full size target I have ever used on the range. It’s definitely going to be a game changer when it comes to coyote hunting and how we practice.