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2x4 AR500 Hook Mount

Atlas Target Works

Many of our competitors offer similarly priced mounts that utilize one or two carriage bolts to mount their targets. They work OK but we wanted better. We wanted the ability to quickly swap plates and never have to go down range to change out a bolt that took a rifle hit. We also wanted to be able to mount multiple targets on a single stand for added value and versatility. This AR500 hook mount offers all of those things and more! Check out the specs below and if you're not impressed then that's on you.

  • AR500 Laser Cut Hook
    • Superior design keeps the plates from falling off while leaving them loose enough to ring like a bell.Target Stands
    • Can take direct rifle impacts without blowing apart like shepherdMounts hooks or carriage bolts.
    • Easily swap out target plates in seconds or to remove for storage.
  • Thumb Screw Height Adjustment
    • Pass through design allows for height adjustments on the fly so you don't have to cut your 2x4 risers to length.
    • Allows multiple targets to be mounted on a single 2x4.
  • Powder coated
    • Provides superior protection out in the elements.
  • Compatible Target Bases

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