2x4 AR500 Hook Mount

  • CNC Laser cut AR500 steel hook
  • Barbed hook keeps your target secure without dampening its ring like chain, belt or springs
    • Slides over a 2x4 and secures with a thumb screw
    • Mount works great with 1/2" square holes
    You'll see similar mounts to this one all over the internet but what sets ours apart is the barbed AR500 hook. I can't overstate how important it is for a target mount to have as little contact with the target as possible to allow the target to ring and vibrate. Most of the competition uses a bolt with a spring for this type of a mount. It dampens the targets ring and has the weak point of a bolt that's much softer than your target. Let your targets ring!

        Customer Reviews

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        Love the 2x4 AR500

        Great for rifle 22 and practicing those heart shots for hunting! I love to zero in the rifle with this at 150yrd.

        ar500 hook mount

        Far more convenient than bolting plates on then transporting as whole piece. I was worried about chance direct hits. Not an issue, all that happened was removing paint. I would recommend these hooks over bolt method, allows easier transport, setting stand alone then hooking target on or swapping of targets.

        jarhead Sed

        Wonderful, mobile, and just plain fun products.

        2x4 plate mount with AR500 hook

        These mid level caps are great addition for target variety. Allows multiple size target plates (2) per stand. This allows RO to call out the sequence of fire for the shooter. I find placing the heavier plates on the lower to the ground helps keep the target stand stable. This target combination allows me to conserve space in the vehicle by eliminating another target stand. Bolster the target stand up with the 8" AR500 protection plate and this set up is near BULLETPROOF.

        Targets are great

        Received my targets in a timely manner. Had correspondence with Brad, truly exceptional customer and great service.