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AR500 Spring Popper (Multiple Styles)

Atlas Target Works

You've got the target in your crosshair as you gently squeeze the trigger. BAM! The target goes down... but wait... it's coming back up! SHOOT IT AGAIN! All the joy of watching your target fall in defeat without the hassle of having to go set it back up again. Hours of fun to be had by all!

  • Several Target Plate Options
    • 14" tall with a 4" diameter center AKA Skinny Sammy
    • 6" diameter Colt Plate
  • Constructed from 3/8" or 1/2" thick AR500 Steel
    • What thickness do I need?
  • Spring loaded
  • Powder Coat/Paint Finish
    • Looks real pretty coming out of the box. Most will get blasted away by hot lead but what doesn't will be proteced from the elements.
  • Versatile mounting options
    • Stake directly to the ground
    • Bolt onto stands of your own making


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