AR500 Spring Popper - Multiple Target Shapes

Target Shape
  • CNC Laser cut AR500 steel for clean, precise cuts
  • Spring loaded target moves back when struck and automatically resets
  • Unique spring tension adjustment mechanism keeps the target working when our competitors springs have worn out
  • Legs get the target off the ground for great visibility
  • Target comes with everything you need to start shooting
  • Target comes unpainted but the base is painted/powdercoated black

    You've got the target in your crosshair as you gently squeeze the trigger. BAM! The target goes down... but wait... it's coming back up! SHOOT IT AGAIN! All the joy of watching your target fall in defeat without the hassle of having to go set it back up again. Hours of fun to be had by all!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 40 reviews
    Mike Moore
    Great Target!

    I've had 2 outings with this target. It has probably 100 hits from 6.6 Creed, 6.5 PRC, 6.5-284 and 300 WM from 730 yds and 600 yds. It's holding up very well. Great design and great target!

    Good work Brad!

    Dennis Kalnoky
    Well designed, sturdy, fun to assemble

    Solidly built to tolerance, everything is square after assembly. You will need a socket wrench set to assemble this. One nice thing they include heavy duty stakes to anchor the target. You don't get those with the cheap-o targets from box stores. Looks like it will take .223/5.56 with ease. I'm planning to shoot some .308 at 2-300 yards over the Christmas break. Really looking forward to it. Thank you for a fine product. Well worth the money.

    Richard Vanderstine. As usual a quality target

    I purchased the extra spring in the event the supplied one broke. I can see it will be quite some time before the original will fail. Easy to assemble with clear instructions, took me about 20 minutes. I have the 1/2 inch thick plate... Been setting it up at 150 yards. Hitting it with a all lead 405 grain cast lead 45/70...No damage .. Also a 278 grain cast bullet in 38/55. Then at 100 yards with a 200 grain cast 44/40. . NO DAMAGE. TO STEEL PLATE. . Have no concerns about purchasing this product ,it's a winner..

    S. Rowe
    Fantastic target - don't forget the hammer

    First of all, my compliments on very fast shipping and good assembly instructions. It comes painted which is a big plus. I had a minor issue mounting the popper bracket as there was some raised metal close to the bend that prevented insertion of the bolts. A few swipes with a rat-tail file solved that problem. I did not have a hammer with me when I took this to the range the first time and could only insert the stakes about half way by hand. This is the 1/2" steel target that I set up at 570 yds. The first shot was with a 185gr 7mm Rem Mag and the entire target did a backflip simulating the real thing I guess. A subsequent trip put a lot more shots on target with the expected movement. I will note that if the bullet strikes the edge of the popper, there will be a burr raised on the edge. Hits off the edge do no damage. Count me a happy camper on this target.

    Skinny Sammy

    Really well engineered product. So much so that I ordered a Pistol; Dueling Tree after receiving the Skinny sammy.
    Great product Brad. Will be buying more targets in the near future.