AR500 Spring Popper - 14" Skinny Sammy

Target Thickness
  • CNC Laser cut AR500 steel for clean, precise cuts
  • Spring loaded target moves back when struck and automatically resets
  • Unique spring tension adjustment mechanism keeps the target working when our competitors springs have worn out
  • Legs get the target off the ground for great visibility

    You've got the target in your crosshair as you gently squeeze the trigger. BAM! The target goes down... but wait... it's coming back up! SHOOT IT AGAIN! All the joy of watching your target fall in defeat without the hassle of having to go set it back up again. Hours of fun to be had by all!


    Customer Reviews

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    High quality. Good design. Having a blast teaching hand gun basics using these targets.

    They are perfect! Very helpful

    They are perfect! Very helpful for my junior shooter! Look forward to getting more!


    I wish your competitors put more effort into their products like you have. I also wish you made some of their items, then i could one stop shop. Annoying having to return unfitting nut/bolt combo's.

    Spring Popper

    Well engineered and durable target, nice and portable too, especially with the accessory legs. Happy I included them with my order

    Best wishes in 2018

    Great product and experience

    I recently bought the Spring Popper complete with the stand. Also bought a 3/8" 10" plate, a 1/2" 10" plate, the DIY Gong Hanger, the 2x4 Plate Mount with hook, and the heavy duty multipurpose target base. I ordered it on a Monday, received it on the following Friday all with free shipping included. All I did was paint the all the AR500 steel white and then shot the popper target at the range this weekend at 25 yards with multiple 9mm rounds. Knocked the paint off but the steel was unaffected. I moved the popper target out to 100 yards and tried a .308 FMJ which my friend that was with me said I probably should not but the steel took the rounds fine. There was one small ding on one of the shots but no divet in the steel or edges that would concern me. Probably would be better to move it out to 200 yards for FMJ rounds. Looking forward to shooting the rest of the steel on a future trip to the range. Products are well made including the quality of the steel and the stands. Service was great and would recommend this company to anyone looking to buy steel targets. Thank you for a quality product and quality experience.