AR500 Rifle Spinner

  • CNC Laser cut AR500 steel for clean, precise cuts
  • Top Paddle is 6" and the bottom is 8"
  • Adjustable weights for varying difficulty
  • Axle bushing and bolts shielded with AR500 steel
  • Unique design keeps the paddles centered on the axle removing the need for a counterweight like virtually every other spinner and also allows for our removable weights for varying difficulty
  • Paddles can lean left or right for an added challenge
  • Everything but the 3/4" EMT Conduit legs is provided
  • Target does NOT come painted

This AR500 spinner is one of our most popular targets and for good reason. It's far superior to every other design I've seen out there and I don't say that lightly. A friend left his in a snow bank out in the pasture all winter long and it worked just fine once he set it back up in the spring. Truly a fun and robust target.

Customer Reviews

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Great worksmanship, very stable

This is a really well-made product at a very reasonable price. I'm happy with it. The spinner moves very smoothly and the parts are cut well. I put some pretty long legs on it (5' conduit) and it's surprisingly very stable with the included brackets.
Minor nitpick: The main bar (axle?) is shorter than shown in the video and the image. I would like for it to be a few inches longer to leave more room for wild misses without hitting the legs, which is especially likely when newer shooters are using a handgun.
Also worth a mention -- you need a basic grease gun during assembly.


Great spinner. Solid.

Great product

Very well built. With the 3 weights this product can easily work with all skill levels of shooters. Lot of fun and challenging depending on distance and number of weights used. I would definitely recommend this product to current and potential customers

Great service

Highly recommended great product

Spinning Target

I have shot several versions if spinners over the years but purchased the Atlas due to the superior design. Quality is excellent. I recommend tightening the bolts a second time after the first few rounds to eliminate any play In the paddles.

I would suggest adding a “pistol kit option” with a second 8” plate and small weight to give new shooters some hope. This target is excellent, in options to make it a more difficult challenge to keep up with increased skill, but an option to make it easier to spin with 9mm or 38 would make it more interesting for many new shooters.