AR500 Rifle Spinner

Target Thickness
  • CNC Laser cut AR500 steel for clean, precise cuts
  • Top Paddle is 6" and the bottom is 8"
  • Adjustable weights for varying difficulty
  • Axle bushing and bolts shielded with AR500 steel
  • Unique design keeps the paddles centered on the axle removing the need for a counterweight like virtually every other spinner and also allows for our removable weights for varying difficulty
  • Paddles can lean left or right for an added challenge
  • Everything but the 3/4" EMT Conduit legs is provided

This AR500 spinner is one of our most popular targets and for good reason. It's far superior to every other design I've seen out there and I don't say that lightly. A friend left his in a snow bank out in the pasture all winter long and it worked just fine once he set it back up in the spring. Truly a fun and robust target.

Customer Reviews

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Rifle Spinner

This Spinner is the best Steel Target I have on the range. It alone works to develop your Sight picture, Timing, gun control and more.
I wish I would have picked this up years ago.
Quality is top notch and was shipped asap, Thank you Brad.


Perfect, except....

The design is great everything was there, just one small problem. The fitting for the grease gun was inverted. It was installed backwards. I had to remove and reinstall which took some time.

A+ spinner, A++ customer service

This spinner is a high quality product. I hosted a PRS match with 42 shooters and it held up to all there abuse! Had it out at 310 yards and it was a great challenging target. We had over 300 impacts all over the target and it is still as solid as the day it came. Brad makes a great product and has even better customer service helping me out the day before the match making sure the spinner would run perfectly with all that lead flying at it! Thanks Brad, highly recommend this product.

AR 500 spinning target

My wife and I were looking for a challenging target and found it in the Atlas Rifle Spinner. We shoot PPC division and have encountered this type of target in matches. Now we have the ability to practice this challenging type of target. Great communication and delivery of the product. Fantastic target that works great, 9mm just roughs up the paint.

Spinner Target

Found Atlas Targets on line when looking for a "spinning type target". After considerable research on other brands decided to order Atlas since the info available on line showed all things pretty much equal between manufactures except Atlas took the time to not only give you a video, but their price was also better. I made order and could NOT BELEIVE I had the spinner delivered within just days (and by USPS 'too boot'). Putting it together is pretty straight forward and simple. Wanted target to stand a little taller so when I bought the "conduit" for legs I got two sticks and simply cut in half. Makes each leg 5' tall (I think it is perfect height). At the range found out that 124gr 9mm WILL NOT flip the target if the extra weights are installed. Ugg!.... didn't bring wrench. BTW, suggest taking a 3/4" open end wrench with you (not a socket). Next weekend at range (without any weights) "spun" target with 5-7 rds every time. The timing at 20 yrds with 9 is not critical to get it to spin. I shot the larger plate on it's swing back. It was actually exciting to get it to spin :) Next time will work on hitting large plate and then the small plate--- back and forth to get a flip.... probably a lot more difficult hitting the small plate while moving... at least till you get the timing and muscle memory down. Bottom line, it works great! FMJ 124 @ 20 yards doesn't even make a dent in steel, but did repaint it when I got home. Looks brand new again. Would highly recommend to put some skill and fun while at the range.