AR500 Rifle Spinner

Target Thickness
  • CNC Laser cut AR500 steel for clean, precise cuts
  • Top Paddle is 6" and the bottom is 8"
  • Adjustable weights for varying difficulty
  • Axle bushing and bolts shielded with AR500 steel
  • Unique design keeps the paddles centered on the axle removing the need for a counterweight like virtually every other spinner and also allows for our removable weights for varying difficulty
  • Paddles can lean left or right for an added challenge
  • Everything but the 3/4" EMT Conduit legs is provided

This AR500 spinner is one of our most popular targets and for good reason. It's far superior to every other design I've seen out there and I don't say that lightly. A friend left his in a snow bank out in the pasture all winter long and it worked just fine once he set it back up in the spring. Truly a fun and robust target.

Customer Reviews

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A review?

I don't know who all buys this target but I don't get to go shooting everyday so to be asked to write a review on a product with in a few days of purchasing it is kind of strange to me. But having said that I have been hit up from multiple fire arm industry retailers to review a product that was only sent to me in the last few days, I don't get it but this place isn't alone in asking how you like using a product that you may not be able to use for a month or more. I have gotten to take this product out with my pistol the other day and it works great. I'm sure it will do fine with rifles too, the quality is great, and love the extra features. Although I would recommend making the legs 4 feet long instead of the 2 1/2 feet they recommend. It seems to me to keep the target off the ground better.

Atlas Rifle Spinners

These worked out great! I love that the paddles are adjustable for weight and offset. Very pleased! Excellent addition to our clubs 3gun target selection.

Great target and delivery

This target provides a lot of fun and a good challenge. It is well built and has taken hits from 6.5x47 Lapua and 300 Win Mag at 200 yards with no damage. I highly recommend this spinner to add a challenge to any range.

all great

great to deal with will gladly order from again thanks

Works awesome

Bought this spinner for our 3gun matches and worked flawless all match