AR500 Prairie Dog


Prairie Dog Fun Fact: Prairie Dog towns used to be incredibly large. In 1901, scientists in Texas measured a single town that covered 25,000 square miles and contained an estimated 400,000,000 Prairie Dogs! I guess everything is bigger in Texas.

Customer Reviews

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Ken Gunderson

Really like the targets and mounting hardware. It's everything that is needed and works perfectly.

Prairie dog

I put the dog out at 200yd with a single hook hanger. This target is awesome to shoot and very well made. Buy these targets you will live them. I painted my targets with marking paint.

Tim K
Prarie dog

Super target for really long range match shooting. Big enough to be very realistic and still give a very impactable target out beyond 400 yards. Excellent workmanship, quick delivery and most of all great fun to shoot for all levels of skill.
Once again, Brad delivers.

Stephen Hammonds
WAY Better Than A Round Plate!!!!!

I use this prairie dog for a monthly long range center fire match and it is SOOOO much better for the stages to have animal targets than round plates! People can identify which target they are supposed to be shooting at and greatly reduces any confusion. I am using the 1/2" thick AR500 version and it is doing well!

Tony Eberle
Prairie dog

As always his products are top notch.