AR500 Multi-Ring Target

Target Size
  • CNC Laser cut AR500 steel for clean, precise cuts
    • 1/2" square mounting holes for 1/2" carriage bolts and Atlas Hook Mounts
    • Mounting Options
      • Stake Base- affordable & low profile mount but it requires you to stake it into the ground so some soil types or frozen conditions aren't compatible
      • Stake Base w/ Leg Add-On - The ultimate mount for portability or. hard/frozen soil also gives the target some additional height if you've got grass on your range.
      • Single Hook Gong Hanger Kit- Not as portable as the stake base with legs but still quick to setup and will allow your target to move more when struck
        • Note that this is a kit that comes with the AR500 leg brackets and hook, you'll need to supply your own conduit/black pipe.
      • T-Post Mount - this mount can even handle centerfire rifles with its 3/8" AR500 construction and is a great mount if you can leave a t-post-setup on your range.
    • Target does NOT come painted

    This is a great target for those of you who are bored shooting round targets and looking for a little more challenge!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Shawn Anderson

    Fun Target

    Tim K
    Great target

    Really nice challenging target. Not too hard to hit, just really easy to miss.

    J. McBee
    Great fun target.

    I used these at out monthly NRL22 match for a bonus stage and they were an absolute blast to shoot. out of 8 shooters you can see the holes allowed misses a few times!!!

    Bryon Fessler
    X Targets = Pirate Treasure!

    I have been purchasing targets from Brad since 2019 and he never disappoints. His targets are a huge hit with my NRL22 shooters and these X targets work great for a Pirate-themed fun stage (see attached pictures). Keep 'em coming, Brad! Thank you.

    Miri-Ring targets

    Atlas Target works never disappoints. Targets were huge hit for hunters safety class students.