AR500 Feral Hog Target W/Reactive Vital and Base

  • CNC Laser cut AR500 steel for clean, precise cuts
  • 9"x25" Hog
  • Realistic Vital Flapper
  • Target comes with everything you need to start shooting
    Unfortunately shooting this target will not result in your freezer being filled with bacon but it's still a lot of fun to shoot and a lot less work

    Customer Reviews

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    Boom Boom out go the lights

    Atlas Target Works puts out a quality product...there customer service was awesome USPS damaged one of my shipments and the hardware fell out
    no worries Atlas took care of it without any bs....I purchased the Prairie Dog, Wild Hog and the Coyote, there a blast to shoot and they don't run off lol.


    My Nephews really enjoy shooting El PORKITO they train all year round shooting bolt actions and AR on there favorite target... they love Javalina hunting it’s the perfect target to simulate a Javalina. They practice all the way to 200 yards .. it’s a realistic target for practicing for the hunting season. I highly recommend this target for kids and adults ..

    Problems fixed--- Questions answered--

    Everyone- 1st I wanna let you know if you have not figured it out yet, you are on the right website.
    Brad runs an honest business.
    Order---I got my order and it was missing a few items and some plates. I knew usps can miss the mark from time to time so I figured I'd give it another day or two. Still nothing!!!
    I message him on the website as well as email. He responded in a matter of hours and had the answer I was looking for. He answered my question about the items I did get and found the items I didn't and made sure everything was on the way.
    Long story short he went out of his was and personally fixed my issue.
    Actual feral hog target---- very simple design. Its not huge. So @ 100 yards don't expect to see a 300lbs hog down range. However, its big enough and built extremely well to make you a better shooter.
    The interactive vital organs plate is easy peasy to install. Took me a matter of about 5 minutes to get it standing and start plunging.

    All around 100% best steel interactive targets on the web.

    Feral Hog Target w/ Reactive Vitals

    This target is awesome! Brad's targets are SUPER high quality and the "reactive" ones (like this one) work the way they're supposed to. Better yet Brad's "customer service" is 2nd to none!! If you're in the market for steel targets that are great looking, will stand the test of time and you appreciate the EXCELLENT customer service than buy from Brad @ Atlas Target Works. You won't find a better target shopping experience anywhere else I can guarantee you that!

    One tough target.

    Placed this target at 200 yards. Everyone had a great time shooting at it. Works great and you can easily see the vital flapper when you hit it. Shot it so far with 223 on up to 308.

    I would definitely recommend this and may get another one for 300 yards.

    I had one minor issue in that it came with the wrong vital flapper, but Atlas resolves that and sent me the correct one in 48 hours. Great customer service.