AR500 Feral Hog Target W/Reactive Vital and Base

  • CNC Laser cut AR500 steel for clean, precise cuts
  • 9"x25" Hog
  • Realistic Vital Flapper
    Unfortunately shooting this target will not result in your freezer being filled with bacon but it's still a lot of fun to shoot and a lot less work

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Durable and fun

    This target USA nice addition to my range. It gets a chuckle from everyone. It’s very durable and fun to shoot. Good noisy feedback.

    Christmas gift

    Gave this target to a friend. But it’s exactly the same as mine. 3/8” ar 500 is good for any normal hunting bullet at 200 yds At 100 yds 300 win mag barley marks it. Yes I know Brad my bad!!!! Lol great targets great service targets are built by a shooter not a company president. Use a little common sense they will last a life time!!!

    My default 100 yard target

    I do my long distance shooting at a club range with up to a 450 yard shot available. My hog target is my default 100 yard target. I also have a popper target that I set out at 200 and 300 depending on how confident I am that day. Both targets are portable and are very well constructed. Shooting steel is addictive! I wish I had property that would allow me to decorated the landscape with targets, but these make a trip to the range manageable and enjoyable. Customer service and shipping were great on both targets. I love the videos as well.

    Quaility Target

    A little on the small side, and the kill plate was not painted, but that was disclosed in the description. The target is very well built, the stand and kill plate work well.