AR500 Feral Hog Target


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The NRL22 match at Pinetucky Gun Club has been adding #atlastargetworks rimfire targets to their collection. The targets are awesome! They hold up to the high round counts, clean up quickly, and are economically priced. Soon all of our targets will be exclusively from Atlas Target Works. The shooters love our club stage where we incorporate reactive targets and animal silhouettes.

This Little Piggy

Great little silhouette target. We placed it on a stand at 300 yards and it is just fun to shoot! Used 3/4" black pipe and the AR500 hangers. Really lets it ring out and those hangers are a gem. Several direct hits and near misses that would have you looking for more bolts but no issues at all. Several hundred rounds on target with .223, 22-250, 270win and 308. Paint or powder coat was nice but not long for this world after multiple strikes. Cheap spray makes it all right as rain. Great product and service. If you haven't shot steel then you need give Brad and Atlas TW a try!

Feral Hog

Set at 200 yards on t-post at ground level ,great addition to round targets makes you think.

Latest target from Atlas

The feral pig target is my latest acquisition from Atlas Targets. I also have a Woodchuck and a Raven. All are top quality, and thoroughly enjoyable. The Woodchuck and the Raven I hung on T posts with the hanger that Brad sells. The Feral Pig, I put on the J hooks sold here, so it would be a swinger. Thoroughly satisfied with all of my Atlas products.

Great product, nice addition to the range!

My second order from Atlas. Amazed both times by how fast the items were at my door. The Feral Hog target was a "had to" kind of thing since I spend a lot of time shooting the real ones around our place. Very well made and the t-post hangers make it a breeze. Debating getting all my targets on t-posts using Brad's hangers. Good product, highly recommend!