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IPSC AC Zone AR500 Target Assembly

Atlas Target Works

 Being 3 Gun enthusiasts ourselves we understand the allure of buying gear in the attempt to become better/faster shooters but let's be honest with ourselves for a moment... what we need is to get out and practice. One of the most important skills in shooting sports or even in defensive shooting is the ability to have quick and accurate follow up shots AKA the "double tap". This IPSC AC Zone target is an excellent tool to help you make your double taps lighting fast. The instant feedback allows you to push yourself to your limit and then to  push that limit further and further.  This is one purchase that truly can help you become a better shooter. While your at it, get the hostage taker add-on for a tougher challenge and added versatility. It also lets you live out your fantasy of taking down the bad guy in the classic Hollywood hostage scenario with the added benefit of not being able to accidentally shoot someone in the head.


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