Adjustable Rimfire Spinner Target

Target Bundle Shape
  • CNC Laser cut 1/4" AR500 steel for clean, precise cuts
  • Central hub glides on two bearings for an extremely smooth and consistent swing in any temperature
  • The target plates can be adjusted to change how the target spins adding a ton of versatility
  • Comes with (3) interchangeable target plates (see pictures for specific shape dimensions)
  • Comes with everything needed but the 3/4" emt conduit used for the legs which can be sourced locally for about $10.
  • If you already have the spinner and just want the bolt-on plates you can check them out here
  • Target does NOT come painted
  • Assembly Instructions

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Great Target

The spinner target is well constructed, and the ball bearings make it spin effortlessly. I bought it as a side stage for our club's next NRL22 match, and I am sure it will be a hit. Shipping was fast. This is another high quality product from Atlas Target Works.

Jake Stotts

On average we have just over 600,000 visitors a year at our facility. By far these targets are the best we have ever had at our facility. We super excited to partner with this small company and pass the word on how great these targets react and last on our range.

Sam F
Top Notch Quality

Had a little hiccup when I received the target. I went to put it together but something wasn’t quite right. Texted Brad with a picture of the issue and it turns out I was sent gravity popper plates instead of spinner plates. Brad sent me the correct targets immediately and I had the correct plates in a couple of days. Even though I wasn’t able to use my new target for a couple more days I can’t say anything negative about this company. You just won’t get any better customer service from an online retailer. Besides that once you open the box, you can immediately tell that these targets are well worth buying over something you would find at a big box store. I’ve had them at the range a few times now and I can tell they are going to last a very long time!

David Boelter
Very well made

I work in the spindle industry....let me just say I was truly surprised to angular contact bearings. They roll awesomely. I wonder if there needs to be more preload than just gravity but thats what i do

It took some testing to get it where I wanted but thats the fun part

Neat Stuff - Wickedly Smooth Bearing Setup

This is an excellent way to break the standard KYL practice: solid build quality, slick bearings, and top-quality AR material. The target teeter-totters like a metronome when it's set up. The only suggestion during the installation of the components is to lightly lubricate the main shaft and gently tap (use a rubber mallet) the bearings onto the shaft to get them started. The edge of the shaft has an edge to overcome. The lubrication facilitates the bearings to slip into place.

Thanks for the feedback and tip. I checked my current inventory and they were difficult to get the bearings on. I changed the process to taper one end of the shaft and make assembly MUCH easier. Thanks again, with feedback like this I can make improvements instead of everyone just suffering through it!