Expansion Rimfire Target Package

  • Expand your NRL22 Target Kit for the 2020 season with this expansion set
  • CNC Laser cut AR400 steel for clean, precise cuts
  • Target stands include our original barbed hooks to keep your targets but accept a 3/8" carriage bolt for those small targets that like to spin off
  • Target stands also have barbed stakes to keep them securely in the dirt
  • Target Package Contains
    • (2) Double barbed hook target stands
    • (5) Round gongs in the following sizes...
      • (1) 1"
      • (1) 1-1/2"
      • (1) 2"
      • (1) 2-1/2"
      • (1) 3"
  • The stake bases are great if you've got soft ground and short grass. The leg bases make setup much easier as well as gain a little height for your targets. (These things are really awesome!)
  • Targets do NOT come painted

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Tim OMeara
Expansion Rimfire Target Package

Another great product. Don't hesitate spend the money and buy the stake base leg add ons. With those we were able to set these targets on a sloped impact berm with no problem.Easy to use and set up. Really pleased with my purchase. Combined with my KYL Rack my friends and I can get together to practice between matches. Had six people shooting on your tagets all day today. had a great time. Keep up the good work.

I highly recommend these.

I purchased the NRL22 expansion set with the stand to practice with and these were were great, no need to have a twisty tie or some other means to keep the target from coming off..
Highly recommend giving these a try.

Perfect Starter Practice Set

These are some really high quality targets! I love that the barbs on the hooks keep the targets from falling off, plus the barbed legs on the stands make these really stable. I plan to to buy many more targets from this great company, thanks!

Don Spencer
Shot ‘em, then I got ‘em!

Local club had these for NRL22. Liked them so much I bought the kit to practice… You can set them at any distance, so I use them to duplicate various stages for NRL. Rock solid. Fit and finish are superb. Square holes in the steel targets allow them to settle, and I have yet to knock them off the stands. Quality materials show no sign of damage even on my edge hits.

Great for practice

Awesome targets for NRL22 practice. The leg bases make setup a snap. As usual great quality targets from Atlas. I'll be buying more soon