12" Rimfire Sight In Target

Hole Size
  • CNC Laser cut 1/4" AR500 steel for clean, precise cuts
    • 1/2" square mounting holes for 1/2" carriage bolts and Atlas Hook Mounts
    • Center slot fits our single hook rimfire stake base perfectly so the target can't wiggle while you're trying to shoot it
    • Available with .170" Holes (sized so .17 HMR can't go through) or .215" (sized so .22LR can't go through). Unless you shoot a lot of .17 HMR I'd suggest going with the larger holes. They are easier to see at distance.
    • Target does NOT come painted
    • Compatible mounts not shown above...

    Finally, you don't have to shoot paper targets to check your zero anymore!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 27 reviews
    Brian Erickson
    Don’t think twice!!!

    I’ve been trying to decide wether or not to get this for over a year now. I’m here to tell you do not hesitate to get this. It makes things so much easier for a quick zero check before a match. No more boxes or wire stands and paper targets! Also, Brad is a class act guy that I truly believe cares about you as a customer and wants to make sure that the product you order gives you a lifetime of satisfaction! Thanks Brad!

    David Landreth
    Great job

    Super product . great communication and really fast shipping

    Troy Kelsay
    Painted and Plugged

    I considered painting one side black and one side white so I could better see holes regardless of whether there was a light or dark background. This is better. I sprayed on rattle-can bedliner and inserted white plastic 6mm hole plugs for high contrast aim points. The perfect target for my Vudoo .22LR. Thanks, Brad!

    RIP Paper

    This target makes sighting in very easy. Set it out at 50 yards and just stack Eley in around the hole with some going through. I bought the stand to go with it and at the end of my session I was using the 2 hanger holes to verify the zero was as good as I believed it to be. Only got 2 rounds to go "through" and the sounds is amazing.

    Jay Hodgson
    Great for Airguns

    Purchased this target and a couple of swingers for my backyard range. I have been shooting the sighting target and enjoy both the visual and audible response. The target and stands are well manufactured. I would recommend them for air gunners as they provide a very positive stop and a little rubber matting placed behind it deadens the ringing.