12" Rimfire Sight In Target

Hole Size
  • CNC Laser cut 1/4" AR500 steel for clean, precise cuts
    • 1/2" square mounting holes for 1/2" carriage bolts and Atlas Hook Mounts
    • Center slot fits our single hook rimfire stake base perfectly so the target can't wiggle while you're trying to shoot it
    • Available with .170" Holes (sized so .17 HMR can't go through) or .215" (sized so .22LR can't go through). Unless you shoot a lot of .17 HMR I'd suggest going with the larger holes. They are easier to see at distance.
    • Target does NOT come painted

    Finally, you don't have to shoot paper targets to check your zero anymore!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 38 reviews
    Sweet target

    I love this sight in target. And shipping was extremely fast

    Mike Honcho
    Great item for a rimfire range

    Perfect for checking zero on a rimfire. Have mine on my 22 range and use it all the time.

    David Percifield
    Zero Target

    Incredible target. No more messing with paper for zero targets.

    Dustin Harding
    Stellar targets and bases!

    On of my favorite features of any Atlas target is the well thought out base design. A quick an easy way to set up any range. These rimfire sightings targets were purchased to give shooters a way to sight in the morning before our competition begins. With 72 shooters, a ton of rounds down range and zero target failures, I can safely say Atlas targets are built to last!

    Cato Corbin
    Great target and stand

    Set up is quick and easy. Twenty five ‘targets’ on each side provide tons of shooting without having to change out paper targets. The thickness of the target leads me to believe this thing will last for years with minimal care. Will definitely buy more and recommend to friends.