12" Rimfire Sight In Target

Hole Size
  • CNC Laser cut 1/4" AR400 steel for clean, precise cuts
    • 1/2" square mounting holes for 1/2" carriage bolts and Atlas Hook Mounts
    • Center slot fits our single hook rimfire stake base perfectly so the target can't wiggle while you're trying to shooot it
    • Available with .170" Holes (sized so .17 HMR can't go through) or .215" (sized so .22LR can't go throught). Unless you shoot a lot of .17 HMR I'd suggest going with the larger holes. They are easier to see at distance.
    • Target comes bead blasted
    • Compatible mounts (not included)

    Finally, you don't have to shoot paper targets to check your zero anymore!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Useful Target

    This target will save me a great deal of paper in the future, and it has audible feedback at the shot. A great idea!

    Sight in target

    This is a wonderful idea that works even better. I have mine with the portable stand and that makes it a grand slam! Works rain or shine and the chine of hitting steel so much more fun than paper.

    Excellent Sight In Target

    I took this to our local .22 rifle match and every one of the guys and gals used it to verify their zero! Great Idea as with all your targets! Thanks!

    17cal rimfire sight in target

    I set up the rimfire sight in target at 50 yards. I chose a white paint with a hint of grey so that I could identify my targets from the club targets. My Leupold 4.5-14 EFR scope could not always identify the bullet impact. I could see the 1inch bullet splash, but not always the dark 22inch mark. I was shooting CCI Std velocity round nose. Also sometimes the aiming point (the hole) looked just like the bullet impact. At that point, I switched to the next un-shot aiming hole. If you want to confirm zero with one shot per aiming point this is the target for you. Or you could dial a few clicks so that your aiming point won't be mixed with impacts. Or maybe I just need a higher zoom.

    Finally a sight-in target that gives you the information you need

    This is the best yet that I've found to help me sight in my firearms AND with a little paint its re-usable! Thinking I might get another one for my centerfire guns. Good job Brad.

    Glad you like the target Rick but don't get one for centerfire! This target is strictly rimfire. Centerfire bullets cause a big spot of paint to be removed so the holes are of less value. I am working on a target that will have similar utility though.