IPSC AC Zone AR500 Target Assembly

Target Thickness
  • CNC Laser cut AR500 steel for clean, precise cuts
  • Capable of handling up to .308 at 50 yards
  • Overall Dimensions approximately 12"x24"
  • Check out the hostage taker add-on for some added fun... I mean training capability
This is one of my favorite targets and I've always got several on my range. The angle allows for close rifle engagement and works just as well for pistol or shotgun. Many other target manufacturers mount their version of this target by the bottom of the plate and it kills the ring. This one mounts near the center of gravity and rings with the sweet sound of freedom!


Customer Reviews

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Perfect targets

I recently had a dozer clean me off a shooting range and I began building berms. During this time I've been searching for some AR500 targets. Luckily I ran into a friend who recommended I look at Atlas Target Works. I'm sure glad I did. I got three of the coyote targets, a hog target and the hostage target. All are top notch and perfect for what I needed. The animal targets came with the set-up kit and after picking up some 3/4" pipe I was up and running. Couldn't be happier. Thanks for building these quality targets at a fair price. Byron South

Great purchase!!!

I spent several weeks reading reviews and looking at the designs of different torso targets. Over time I kept coming back to the Atlas Target Works design. It's robust, easy to mount and has an ingenious hanger system.

On my first range trip the IPSC AC Target Zone w/ Hostage Taker worked flawlessly. The spring mounted hanger system produced a great ringing sound when struck and obvious movement. In addition, the hanger angle effectively directed splash down and away from the shooter.

There was zero pitting on the strike face. The stand is simple and effective.

Finally, Brad was extremely responsive when I had questions, shipping was very quick and his YouTube videos are very informative.

This product is OFF THE HOOK!!

Brad and the team down at ATLAS Target Works are TIER 1! I bought 3 IPSC AC Zone steel targets from those guys with the hostage taker option. These are perfect in every way. ATLAS has designed them so that the steel is mounted in a unique way on the stand that allows them to RING out exceptionally well when they are hit. ATLAS Targets are now the ONLY steel targets that I spend my money on! You guys have me as a customer, PERIOD. I don’t even shop elsewhere anymore now that I’ve found ATLAS.

IPSC AC Zone AR500 Target Assembly

I recently bought the IPSC AC Zone AR500 Target Assembly by Atlas. The shipping was fast and within a few days I had my target assembled and was shooting it. The build quality and design is excellent.

What sold me on Atlas instead of other target companies is the well done web site and the fact that this target assembly is sold as a complete package with everything needed to start shooting except a $2.90 wooden 2x4. Buy it, assembly it with the few necessary bolts and start shooting. I also like the fact that the shipping charges are clear without any doubt what the customer will pay for shipping. And shipping on this particular package was included in the cost of the assembly. Pretty easy transaction.

My next metal target will be the Atlas AR500 Spring Popper. Atlas has earned an easy recommendation from me.

IPSC AC Zone AR500 Target Assembly - 3/8"

I bought this a few weeks back. Good website, fast shipping! The target assembly is designed well and assembly was easy! It came with the new X-base and it works great. I've had minimal time on steel targets, but I'm happy I purchased this they're fun to shoot! If you're on the fence about purchasing one go for it - you won't regret it! Thanks for the great product Brad. Ben from MN.