AR500 Modular Rifle Rated Dueling Tree

Number of paddles

This dueling tree is hands down one of our favorite targets. Nothing shuts your buddy up about how good he is with guns quite like destroying them on a dueling tree. Win or lose you'll find yourself loading your magazines back up to give it another go.   

  • Manufactured with 3/8" thick AR500 steel
    • Paddles and main trunk are both AR500
    • Rated for up to .223 at 50 yards
  • Powder coated stand
    • What doesn't get forcibly removed via flying lead will be kept rust free!
  • Modular Design
    • Can be broken down if needed for easy transportation
    • Able to purchase a 2, 4 or 6 paddle dueling tree
    • You can start out with fewer paddles and simply add-on another module when you're ready


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 18 reviews
    Fun for the family. Expertly made

    I really enjoyed my first outing with the dueling tree. Can’t wait to play again with the rest of the family. My family has enjoyed so far, We have not battled each other using it yet. Just battling self. It is awesome that I can use my high power rifles and pistols.
    My son and daughter were sad the were unable to move paddles with the .22LR (not enough power).
    Plenty of fun with .223. Good thing I have a second rifle for opponent to play against.

    Awesome target at a low price!

    I purchase 2 t-post bracket and their dueling tree. It did absolutely amazing. At least 3k+ rounds at it with zero damages!


    Great product

    Shipment arrived on time, was easy to assemble and works perfectly. Great quality and best of all, made in the USA.

    Gold Standard

    I am extremely pleased with this product. It was super easy to assemble, and extremely well made. After one day of shooting and thousands of rounds the steel held up flawlessly and has no dimples at all. A lot of competitors have a soft steel "trunk", this one has AR500. I'm glad too as quite a few rounds ended up hitting it and other than paint chipped off no damage. This looks to be a product that will last and last. Both order processing and shipping were amazing. Atlas Target Works will be my go to for all my future target needs.


    I ordered the 6 paddle dueling tree on a Wed night and it was delivered to my doorstep on Friday. I goofed when setting up my Atlas account, contacted Brad and he corrected my mistake immediately. The dueling tree arrived in two extremely well packed heavy cartons. Inside the cartons the packing was even more impressive. Don't know if it could be done any better. There was 1/4" plywood backing to support the weight of the pieces, foam wrapping and shrink wrap holding everything in place. So impressed I had to include a photo. Just wow - attention to detail not often seen these days. The instructions were concise and initial assembly of the stand and riser took about 10 easy minutes and required just a couple of standard wrenches. All the parts scream quality and the finish is outstanding. Love the simplicity and portability. The riser sets into the stand, and the paddles just set into slots on the back of the riser - no tools required. Easily breaks down and re-assembles in a minute or two. The AR500 steel throughout adds weight and no doubt durability. Function is great due to the simplicity of the design, and quality of construction. Overall I could not be more pleased with this purchase and will be looking to add more Atlas products to my range in the future. Thank you!