T-Post Double Hook Mount

Hook Material
Mount Width
  • CNC Laser cut AR500 steel hooks and cross member
    • Replaceable hooks keep you up and running if a hook takes one too many direct rifle hits
    • Target is able to vibrate, allowing it to ring with the loud sound of freedom that is dampened by bolting them to chain, strap, or springs
    • Mount works great with 1/2" square or circle holes
    • Can accommodate mounting hole spacing between 4-1/2" and 6-7/8"
    This is one of my favorite mounts and has a prominent place on the long distance portion of my range holding up AC Zones every 100 yards. A friend of mine liked how much better they let the target ring than the t-post mounts he had so I made sure that they would work for square or round mounting holes.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 72 reviews
    Edwin Reguindin

    Easy assembly price is reasonable and customer service is great.

    LeRay Wesseling
    Great product

    Well made idea at a reasonable price.

    Eric Bauer
    Exactly what I was looking for!

    I bought an AR500 silhouette target and didn’t realize at the time that the ones with two mounting holes would be very difficult to find a mounting bracket for it. After weeks of searching, I found the Atlas T-post double hook mount and was very pleased to see that it was adjustable to accommodate various sizes of targets. Since I’ve had it, I’ve only been able to run about 50 rounds through my pistol but I can say that it works great. The t-post hanger holds the AR500 target at a perfect angle to deflect the rounds down to prevent and shrapnel from splashing back at the shooter. I was doing double tap drills at 7 yards and had no issues. The target never moved and one of my shots hit the hook of the hanger but did not cause any damage. You will not be disappointed in this hanger.

    Scott Hutchins
    Great revision

    Brad, looks like you have made a revision since I purchased these last time. The new version is much better. I've got these hanging in the pasture and of course the cattle love to scratch on them. The old ones would slide sideways and plates would fall off. The new one stay upright. Thanks, for the quick service.

    scott Bartels

    I love the hanger design. have not had a chance to ring the steel yet, but construction/materials appear to be top notch. Look forward to field testing it .