AR500 Target Hanger Hook

Hook Length
  • CNC Laser cut AR500 steel construction
  • Barbed hook keeps your target secure without dampening its ring like chain, belt or springs
    • Slides onto 3/4" EMT Conduit or Black Pipe
    • Hook works great for targets with 1/2" square holes
    When it comes to hanging gongs these hooks are second to NONE! Superior ring, target retention and ease of use make this hands down the best way to hang your targets for maximum ring and movement!

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 75 reviews
      Jim Smithheisler
      Round & Round I Go

      I hang 4" circles on these hangers.
      At 40 yards, hitting the target will spin the target completely over the cross bar.
      Very entertaining and no question about being a "hit".

      Nice to Mix hangers

      the long and short hangers add a nice variety and allow more targets per emt


      Was looking to add hangers for a deferent reaction when hit then using the chains and happened to find atlas target hangers .they looked better built than any other hangers I looked at online and had great reviews.
      These will not disappoint as they are well made and with the lighter targets was able to get them spinning around with 9mm
      Was so impressed I purchased more hangers.
      Well worth it !!

      ditch the chain

      these hangers are fantastic...simple to use, strong, functional, and fairly priced. I will never go back to chained targets while this option exists. Get Some!

      Mike M.
      Great targets

      I have finally had the time to set the targets and WOW!! This was just a awesome to have proof of the hit with out the wait even out at 400 yards. I will need to order more so I can preset up everything out to 1000yds and pistol targets as well.