AR500 Rifle Spinner

  • CNC Laser cut AR500 steel for clean, precise cuts
  • Top Paddle is 6" and the bottom is 8"
  • Adjustable weights for varying difficulty
  • Axle bushing and bolts shielded with AR500 steel
  • Unique design keeps the paddles centered on the axle removing the need for a counterweight like virtually every other spinner and also allows for our removable weights for varying difficulty
  • Paddles can lean left or right for an added challenge
  • Everything but the 3/4" EMT Conduit legs is provided
  • Target does NOT come painted

This AR500 spinner is one of our most popular targets and for good reason. It's far superior to every other design I've seen out there and I don't say that lightly. A friend left his in a snow bank out in the pasture all winter long and it worked just fine once he set it back up in the spring. Truly a fun and robust target.

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Ethan K
Great spinner

I received this target two weeks ago and have been shooting it non stop since then. I have shot it exclusively with pistol since receiving it. It is a blast and really tests target transitions and follow up shots. My only advice would be to come up with a calculator on how many weights to add for different calibers of ammo for optimal spin. With one of the weights attached, it is easily spinnable (if that’s even a word) with 9mm from 15 yards. With 45, it’d a cake walk and only takes 3 good hits.

Love the target and great price!!!!

Scott Johnson

Ar500 spinner target is very well constructed.
Been shooting it at 50-100 yards.
No issues
100% recommended

totally solid and challenging

Construction is absolutely solid, and a good design.
I bought this for both pistol and rifle. I've only had one pistol session with it so far and I'm very satisfied.
Very challenging for me but not stupid--just what I was looking for.
Bring plenty of pistol ammo that first session!

Shawn Powers
Good target but

I think I received the wrong center steel bar every photo I see the rimfire has the 12" bar the standard 3/8" has like a 2 or 3 ft bar

Juan Cisneros
Great target

This is a well made target. It's easy to assemble and the adjustable weights are great. Just make sure to really tighten down those bolts!