Full Size AR500 Side Profile Reactive Coyote Target

Target Mount

There may be a 1-2 week lead time for this part.

  • CNC Laser cut AR500 steel for clean, precise cuts
  • 100% full size coyote
  • Realistic vital flapper shape and location
  • Target does NOT come painted
  • Check out the other Full-Size Front Facing Coyote in this series

    I designed this target with the help of my friend Ken Nordstrom. Ken hunts coyotes both for fun and for competition and he wanted a target that would 100% mimic a real-life coyote so he could stay sharp without ever leaving his yard. Using measurements he's taken from skun coyotes over the years he figured out the golden # of 18" (watch the video if you'd like more detail). Practice on this target will get you ready for the real deal without compromise.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Randy Soares
    Very impressed 👍

    I work with metal and have built my targets in the past mostly because most vendors targets are never actual size . Not only are these actual size they are well built and thought out . I purchased mine for less then buying the ar500 plate then pay for the plasma table time . Excellent company!! 👍

    Corey Price
    Excellent target

    I bought this full size side profile coyote in 3/8" craftsmanship is excellent... the stand works great, the swing kill zone is very nice.. I've used this target at 150 and 200 yards with 17hmr, 224 valkyrie, 204 ruger and 308 and the target preformed great... the 308 was even bimetal. I liked this target so much I have now ordered the full size front facing coyote.

    Jacob Lewis

    Very pleased with the new true to size coyote targets. They are well made, I would recommend them to anyone.


    Great for off season practice. Teaching my 8 year old son where to shoot vitals for upcoming coyote season. Very sturdy and easy to assemble. Portable and stand works great.

    Trent Good
    Exceeded my expectations!

    I really didn’t know what to expect but this target was better than I had hoped for. I was impressed with the quality of the cuts and the weight of the target. The assembly was quick and easy, everything fit well. On the range the active vitals worked great. I was using a 22-250 at 200 yards and the steel showed no signs of pitting and the target was rock solid. I am not much for doing product reviews but this is quality product and deserves a great rating. Well worth the money. Brad’s service was above beyond and he went out of his way to be helpful. Don’t hesitate to buy this target you will not be disappointed.