Close Range IPSC AC Zone AR500 Target Assembly

  • CNC Laser cut AR500 steel for clean, precise cuts
  • Capable of handling up to .308 at 50 yards
  • Overall Dimensions approximately 12"x24"
  • Check out the hostage taker add-on for some added fun... I mean training capability
  • Target comes with everything you need but the 2x4 riser
  • Target does NOT come painted but the base and mount are painted/powdercoated black
This is one of my favorite targets and I've always got several on my range. The angle allows for close rifle engagement and works just as well for pistol or shotgun. Many other target manufacturers mount their version of this target by the bottom of the plate and it kills the ring. This one mounts near the center of gravity and rings with the sweet sound of freedom!


Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Close Range IPSC AC Zone

Great product for training and very durable!

David N.

Being limited to 50 yards, there aren't many safe options for shooting steel with rifles. This is, without question, the best design on the market. It's exceptionally well built and the audible feedback is unrivaled. I'm very pleased!

Greg Delaney
So much fun, so worth the price of lead to fling

I really enjoyed my first outing with hostage taker. My family loved it too.
At first I tried to practice marksmanship. I got the part down.
Later it was just fun to empty the clip to the glorious sound of metal on metal.
I bet I can devote more energy to playing with it.

Brent Peters
Steel Target with a Twist

Received my steel targets very promptly after my order. Took this to the range as soon as I could and really enjoyed the hostage taker attachment. Base and support stand are well-made and should stand up to lots of abuse. Shot 9 mm and 45 at about 10 yards and no signs of pitting. Would recommend this to anyone who’s looking for steel targets.

Excellent Target!!!

I have shot the 1/2' target with pistols at 10 yards and rifles (10.5 inch 5.56 and 16 inch 7.62x39) at 25 yards without any damage at all. Great sound and lots of fun. Added the hostage taker for extra challenge and highly recommend it. Brad's customer service is outstanding. You have been warned - you will need to budget for more, because one is fun but you will quickly want more of them. Using steel for CQB drills with a rifle is awesome.