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  • Don’t let this be the reason you miss the big one this year.

    November 02, 2016

    With deer season, just around the corner it’s not too late to make sure your rifle is not only zeroed but that you are capable of making those shots you will no doubt want to take if you see the big one in your scope.

    “Many hunters are supremely confident in their shooting ability, and indeed when shooting from a concrete bench and sandbag, they do shoot well. But a disconnect can occur when the same hunter has a shot opportunity at a deer or elk, but can’t seem to locate a concrete bench from which to shoot. Put our theoretical hunter in a situation where he is required to shoot from an unfamiliar field position and he is likely to wound or miss his animal.”  Aram Von Benedikt - OutdoorLife

    If you’re like most people, you’re probably thinking that you don’t have the time to dedicate to getting out and working with your rifle. If you’re using paper targets, you’re probably right. Paper is great for zeroing a scope but when it comes to shooting your rifle from multiple positions and varying ranges you just can’t beat AR500 steel.  A 10” round AR500 steel gong is a great substitute for the vitals of a white tail deer and unlike paper you know immediately whether or not you’ve made an effective shot, no need to walk back and forth down range to see how you’re doing. Shoot leaning on a post, shoot while prone, shoot while kneeling, shoot while standing, shoot from varying distances, just get out and shoot! See what you're capable of. It doesn’t take that much time and at the end of the day you’ll be a better hunter and you’ll have a blast doing it.AR500 Gong