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  • Concealed Defense LLC review

    September 25, 2015

    I had been looking for a target system that would be able to meet most of my specific needs that might also be the same needs as other shooters out there. I was looking for something portable to be able to bring to different ranges, easy to set up and tear down, useable for rifle, shotgun, and pistol. And finally I was hoping to find something that was durable.

    I took a look at a company called Atlas Target Works run by Brad Norton. After a phone call and brief conversation I ordered six 6" steel plates with hangars for hanging them on steel T-posts. This left me the option of using the step in plant hangars from a garden store for quick set up and tear down, or use the T-post for a more permanent training site like my home range.

    The targets and holders came nicely boxed and at first glance appeared to be of very good quality. The plates had two holes on each allowing for a later option of hanging them from stands like gong targets if I needed to. I thought it was a very nice touch. The hangars for the T-post were very well thought out and worked very well. The entire hangar sits behind the steel plate when in use so there is no way for them to get shot up or wrecked. I did take the time to shoot the post of the hangar that actually protrudes through the hole in the plate with .223 and showed no sign of damage.

    The plates were set up as a plate rack using six T-posts and they were shot with pistol. I then spread them out and shot them with rifle at 40 yrds. With no indication of damage at all. I had expected to see some mark or crater but the 3/8" armor steel held up very well. I then shot them at 100 yrds with rifle and found them to be a very challenging off hand target and a great target for positional shooting.

    I know Brad had a lot of other types of targets to check out, but I was looking for something specific to meet my needs and Brad was able to supply that. I know there are a lot of great target manufacturers out there and I am sure they all provide great products. This new target company, Atlas Target Works gets a five star rating from me.

    Brian Payne - Concealed Defense LLC