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T-Post Mount - Double AR500 Hook

Atlas Target Works

This mount has really suprised me as to how much I like it! I enjoy shooting long range and have a fence line to set up some permament targets. The grass and weeds are tall so I needed a mounting system that would get the target up off the ground and this mount is perfect for that. Right now this mount is only compatible with our AR500 AC Zone target but I like it so much it will soon be compatible with other targets like our AR500 Coyote and Feral Hog targets.

  • AR500 Laser Cut Hook
    • Superior design keeps the plates from falling off while leaving them loose enough to ring like a bell.
    • Can take direct rifle impacts without blowing apart like shepherds hooks or carriage bolts.
    • Easily swap out target plates in seconds or to remove for storage.
  • Bolt Height Adjustment
    • Easily mount your plate at any height on the T-Post.
    • Allows multiple targets to be mounted on a single T-Post.
  • Powder coated
    • Provides superior protection out in the elements.


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