Warning T-Shirt - Military Green


T-Shirt FAQ's

1. Are these shirts nice?

Of course they are! We don't make cheap crap and we sure as hell wouldn't put our name on some junk shirts! These shirts are a poly/cotton blend and they are soft as a box of kittens!

2. How do they fit? 

They are a bit of an athletic fit. When you first put it on it may be a bit snug around the ole gunshow but they relax after a bit and feel great. They are also plenty long so the whole world doesn't see your crack when you bend over to pick up your empty mags.

3. Will this shirt help me operate? 

Of course

4. Do the things on this shirt actually happen when people shoot at your targets? 

Buy some and find out.

Enough questions already, it's just an awesome T-Shirt!

Customer Reviews

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Atlas Steel Targets T-Shirt

Nice fit and great looking graphics on the green Atlas t-shirt. I get a lot of compliments and questions about shooting steel targets when I wear it and I always direct them to the Atlas website. Great way to spread the word about the benefits of shooting steel targets.

Thank you Brad!!!