Rimfire Gravity Popper - Circle

Target Size
Leg Add-on
  • CNC Laser cut 1/4" AR500 steel for clean, precise cuts
  • Target falls when impacted and then automatically resets with the magic of gravity
  • This target does not come painted
  • Target comes with everything you need to start shooting but the leg add-ons will make it easier to set up, move and will also get the target up a little higher

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
David S.
Rim fire gravity popper

Easy assembly, very fun to shoot.
Thank you Brad.

Don Mcgregor
Rumford resetting targets

Very fast shipping, easy to assemble. Fun to shoot, worked great, easy to set up even in the hard ground. Would buy again.

Send Mo Ammo
Made in 'Merica

Arrived quickly, 5 minutes to assemble. Super stout and goes "ping" when you hit it. I didn't paint mine because I'm lazy and when you hit it with anything bigger than a .22 it just knocks the rust right off of it. I bought the 4" round, diamond, and soda can to idiot proof my range finding.

Nathan B.
Rimfire popper

Haven't had a chance to try out the new goodies, but I can say that the customer service has been excellent. Instructions for the assembly were clear, and the process took only a few minutes. I am very much looking forward to trying it out as soon as the weather permits and looking forward to purchasing some more, as well.
Thank you, Brad; you've got a dedicated customer, sir!

Ray M.
Rimfire Popper = Great fun!

I received the popper quickly and had it together in about 5 minutes. I spray-painted the body black and the target area bright orange. At the range, I stuck it in front of the 100 yd berm and began shooting it with a bot action Ruger the switched to a braced Charger 10" . The reset feature worked perfectly and the "whack" sound signaled each hit. This target is a great addition to Rimfire range tools. Thanks for another fine product!