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DIY Gong Hanger Kit

Atlas Target Works

If you want to get out and shoot your new gong without having to design and build your own stand this is what you're looking for. It includes everything you need to hang your new gong but a 2x4 and 3/4" EMT conduit legs. It even comes with instructions on how to put everything together.

  • Included in this package
    • 1 set of AR500 DIY Gong Hangers
    • 2 Reinforced Rubber Gong Straps 
      • chain will blow apart with a single rifle hit. These rubber straps will take 100's of hits with little to no effect!
    • Hardware to bolt everything together
    • Assembly instructions better than anything Ikea can come up with!
  • All you have to supply is a gong of your choosing, a wood 2x4, and some 3/4" EMT conduit!

Collections: Bases, Mounts

Category: DIY, Target Bases, Target Mounts

Type: Target Assembly

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