AR500 Stake Popper

  • CNC Laser cut AR500 steel for clean, precise cuts
  • Targets stand 19" and 20" off of the ground.
      • Spring loaded so they move when hit.
      These targets have great portability and are very cost effective. Just make sure that the soil you plan on staking them into is appropriate. Even though the stakes are AR500 steel, rock hard soil will still allow them to work themselves loose prematurely. On the flip side, soils that are too soft won't support them either.

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        Stake Popper

        Quick easy set up and does not come up out of the ground after having several people placing countless rounds on target.

        Stake poppers

        I purchased these poppers a few weeks ago to try out. These are the first AR 500 steel targets I've purchased, and I was a little unsure what to expect. I was a little concerned with how much it might bounce around after being shot due to the springs, and how well it would stay in the ground using the supplied stakes that bolt to it. I must say I have been very impressed. I can shoot quick follow up shots thanks to the targets moving only a tiny bit when shot. The supplied stakes worked great. I was afraid they might not be long enough, but they worked perfectly. I just took them out and stood on the spike and it pushed it far enough in the ground for the target to remain firmly planted. I've shot it with .38 9mm and even my 12 gauge shotgun. Targets work even better than I had hoped. Shipping was fast. Only took about 3 or 4 days before they arrived.....not sure how happy the post lady was with how heavy they were lol, but I am very satisfied and will definitely be ordering more targets from them in the future. Hope this review will help out if you were on the fence as I was about how well the popper targets would work.

        Awesome again

        Great products and service


        Great product!

        Thanks for supporting the 3 gun matches

        I’ve shot Atlad Targets at a few of the local 3 gun matches. They always performed well so I decided to buy some for my training. No regrets. These targets hold up great