AR500 Armadillo

  • CNC Laser cut AR500 steel for clean, precise cuts
  • Mounting holes for 1/2" hex or round head bolts.
  • Target does NOT come painted

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Stephen Hammonds
WAY Better Than A Round Plate!!!!!

I use this armadillo for a monthly long range center fire match and it is SOOOO much better for the stages to have animal targets than round plates! People can identify which target they are supposed to be shooting at and greatly reduces any confusion. I am using the 1/2" thick AR500 version and it is doing well!

Lynn Mares9

Atlas Target Works excellent quality animal targets are only matched by their excellent service. I ordered my targets on Sunday night and received them Wednesday afternoon.

James McKinley
Great targets

I bought both the armadillo and bobcat. I had previously bought the pig and standing prairie dog. Like the size and durability. Metal really takes the hits well.


Customer service and animal detail is top notch

William Liebbe
A Texan in Alaska

My new ar500 armadillo "Tex" takes bullets like a champ! I ordered a 1/4" thick armadillo, but recieved the 3/8" version instead, presumably because Brad had a 3/8" one on hand already. Not complaining though, the free upgrade and 3-day shipping to Alaska were pretty sweet! I'm looking forward to using Tex in a rimfire challenge match!
Thanks Brad!
- Will Liebbe
Anchorage, Alaska