3D Printed Dope Card Holder - Printer File (.STL)

  • I print this with 2mm walls and top/bottom and 20% infill
  • Print the card holder with the open end on the print bed
  • Print the keeper with the completely flat side on the print bed

    Customer Reviews

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    keith Stiltner

    Works excellent!! I also laser cut myself some clear laminate for cards. Holds them excellent. Only issue I had was I didn’t have any rail in front of scope mount. So I had to bend it pretty hard to get over rail. Would be much easier with scope off. Mine held tight enough I didn’t need lock.

    Thanks for time you put in on drawing this up!! Love it

    Dustin Drew
    Good concept

    The file did not fit on my pic rail with quite a bit of modification. However some design time on the computer and I was able to make it work for my application. Thank you and keep up the good work!

    Xavier P de Courval
    Really nice and simple

    Not perfect if your printer are not 100% set but really cool design.

    Bryant Creel
    Simple Idea, very effective

    Awesome idea. Simple, effective and durable. Great customer service. No complaints. Used for PRS matches.

    Ben Mcilwaine

    Printed absolutely perfectly in PLA, fit was surprisingly tight on my Barrett MRAD Picatinny rail, and in hindsight I think is perfect.

    Have bought some rite in rain paper to trial with it this weekend at a match.