3D Printed Dope Card Holder - Printer File (.STL)

Temporarily out of stock. I Will have more ready to ship in less than 2 weeks. Place your order now and I'll ship them as soon as they're ready.

  • I print this with 2mm walls and top/bottom and 20% infill
  • Print the card holder with the open end on the print bed
  • Print the keeper with the completely flat side on the print bed

    Customer Reviews

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    Frank Caltabiano
    I got the .STL

    Tried to print it a couple of times, but couldn't get it to hold the cards. The slot is small and too tight, which I understand it needs to be. Will try again at 2 or 3% bigger and see what happens. Cool design though that should work just fine.

    Jon R
    Good concept

    I had high expectations for this. However, first stumbling block was the necessity to remove my scope to put it on the rail. After installation, I noted the weak failure point as the end with the square hole for the 2nd piece. Sure enough, within 10 minutes, that short end snapped off (more how the 3d printing is parallel to the failure point). Wasn't able to use it in the field. Again, I like the concept; it was the details that disappointed me.

    Alex Mason
    Great print

    I printed it laying down to avoid breakage and then drilled and tapped to install a 1/4 20 thumb screw to tension the data card. Thank you for the file

    Rick Hill

    Awesome idea! Thank you for this! First time I printed my settings were not correct but once I fixed my error it turned out great and just what I needed!

    Nice Dope holder.

    These work well. Did have to do some cleanup to the print with a file and exacto knife. They do have to slide on from the end of your rail. Thanks for sharing these files.