Rimfire Gravity Popper - Diamond

Target Size
Leg Add-on
  • CNC Laser cut 1/4" AR500 steel for clean, precise cuts
  • Target falls when impacted and then automatically resets with the magic of gravity
  • This target does not come painted
  • Target comes with everything you need to start shooting but the leg add-ons will make it easier to set up, move and will also get the target up a little higher

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Diamonds and Rust

Purchased the 3 sizes of diamond poppers from Brad and added a old rusty plate to create a stage called Diamonds and Rust. The smallest popper was about 150yds with the others going out to 200 and the ole rusty plate at 240. Stage was liked by all shooters. The product Brad provides is above and beyond. Would most assuredly put trust in his products from the hooks and stands to the animal targets. If you have an idea of something new, give him a call and he will be more than happy to talk to you about it. Trusted supplier, will buy from him again!

Wish I had more hands so I can give this popper 4 thumbs up!

Arrived quickly, 5 minutes to assemble. Super stout and goes "ping" when you hit it. I didn't paint mine and I live near the gulf (Corpus Christi) so in my climate it will rust if you leave it out without paint. Pro tip: it's easier to hit if you put the pointy part in the ground...For those of you who vote democrat.

Good product

It is good for rimfire besides minor issues like bolt should have some small robber pipe to protect thread in place where it hits back on bolt. I use electric tape. I would buy again, great price!

Excellent product

Our club started a 22 Precision match. These targets, along with others we have purchased from Atlas, fill our needs very well. Well made, reasonable pricing. What could be better.


These targets are great.
I love the movement and the quick “reset”. When I’m working on timed drills, there is no delay like when waiting for a swinging target to settle.
Glad to see Brad is now offering some animal shapes in this style too!