Know Your Limits (KYL) Target

Target Sizes

You engage a KYL target by starting with the largest target and shooting each subsequently smaller target gaining points for each target struck. You can stop at any target to keep the points you've earned. The catch is that if you miss, you lose all your points. To get as many points as possible you need to... wait for it... know your limits.

Customer Reviews

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Kenneth Struven
Had KYL out to the range again today!

This KYL target is a lot of fun and it's really practical. Just this afternoon we were out at our local range and it worked well for the 2nd time.
A lot more fun than paper targets. We were using a Glock 48- 9mm, a Ruger 10/22 and a Heritage Rough Rider 22LR. My son was hitting the 10" through 2"
targets fairly easily when set at about 10 to 12 yards.

Christopher Betz

Used this plate rack for first time today had allot of fun shot 300 round of pistol at it no damage performed as expected

Keith Y
Real nice targets

After much researching these and other AR500 brands I chose Atlas based on previous reviews and Brad's interaction with my questions. Glad I did. Haven't used them yet, however, upon first review they appear top notch. Can't wait to try them out, and if they do well I'll be buying a lot more to complete the range. Thanks Atlas!

Patrick MoriartyDDS
Great product

Great quality, simplicity. Totally satisfied.

Josh G
KYL Rack

Works awesome. We had 14 shooters knocking it around and not one misstep. Great price and fast shipping!