AR500 Gong & Hanger Package

Gong Diameter
Gong Thickness
  • Add conduit for legs and you're ready to go (instructions included)

If you just want to get out shooting at an affordable price this is the way to do it. A premium target with a premium stand, simple as that.

Customer Reviews

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High Quality at an affordable price!

I’m very pleased with the overall quality and very smooth cuts. I was not expecting the plates to come nicely painted in white, so that was a very pleasant surprise! Thanks!

Greatest Target Stand!

Excellent Customer Service, Fast Shipping, High Quality Products. Purchased the AR500 Gong & Hanger Package, Couldn't Be Happier! Functions As Advertised, Beautiful Machining, And A Blast To Shoot. Overall, An Outstanding Product. Keep Up The Good Work.

VERY portable. Easy to set up. JUST THE TARGET I needed

Primary use is pistol shooting. I am extremely happy with how portable and easy this system is to set up, take-down, and use! 9mm rings the target very well and the target has right amount of sway for fallow up shots. 45 Long Colt round move the 8" plate a lot more and you may have to wait a bit to do a fallow up shot BUT the plate and target hangers all hols up and work like a charm. Highly recommend this kit !!! Really no limit to what it can do!!! You will not be disappointed with any of Atlas Target Works product or service!!!

Great, will take a hit

Great, will take a hit & keep on ringing! Stands very stable

Great targets, great price, great customer service

These are some of the highest quality targets you will find, not to mention the best value you will find. On top of that the Brad is a great guy who supports and sponsors numerous 3 gun and other competitive shooting events. Once you start shooting steel you will be hooked.