AR500 Hostage Taker AC Zone Add-On

  • CNC Laser cut AR500 steel for clean, precise cuts
  • 6" paddle swings from side to side when hit
  • Mounts to our close range AC zone target
Admit it... you occasionally wonder if you could shoot a hostage taker square in the head to save the day. Now is your chance to find out once and for all without the risk of accidentally shooting the hostage. It's a win/win really!

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
David N.

I love this thing! It makes trips to the range really fun and that motivates me to shoot more.

Greg Delaney
Fun, fun, fun

I really enjoyed my first outing with hostage taker. My family loved it too. It seems like I need to get it broke in some more. Goes one way easily, but not the other as easily. I bet I can devote more energy to playing with it.

Excellent target to help increase your skills!

I bought this as a add-on to the Close Range IPSC target and it's excellent for CQB practice. I have shot it at 50 yards and even 25 yards with no damage (10.5 inch 5.56 and 16 inch 7.62x39). Adds another level of challenge to all your drills. Can't say enough good things about the outstanding customer service. Item was well packed, shipped the same day, and received regular updates via email during shipping. You want regret this purchase and steel is so much more fun than paper.

E Samson
Fun Add on

I'm glad I got this to add on to the close range AC zone target because it gives you a fun little extra target to play around with. Holds up really well at close range with 5.56 and 9mm so far. It does make a different ring from the main silhouette target, which is really cool.

Joseph Vancura
Great target

We are shooting 223 and 308 at ours at 200 yards.Very loud ring and holding up great.Glad I went with Atlas.