Round AR500 Steel Gongs: 6" - 12" Doube Hole


Imagine a trip to the range where you spend most of your time actually shooting. Sounds like a dream right? With our steel targets and mounting systems, every hit rings like a bell. No more boring walks down range to mark your bullet holes... just keep on shooting. If you're like me, your time available to get out and shoot is limited, don't waste it on inferior targets. 

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      Ben Brosch
      Bang a Gong

      I really enjoy this steel target...could sit here all day, making it sing.

      franklin coffman
      Tough Targets

      I painted them Bright Florescent Orange then covered that with a glossy enamel. Hoping that after a hit I would be able to see the orange, works pretty good. The Targets sound great ring loud and clear no problem hearing them at 450 yards (that's all the range I have) Hit them with everything I have from 308 to 224 Val and all in between They seem to be almost indestructible.
      My 300 win Mag is the exception at 100 yards dose make a hole at 200 yards just a dent We shoot Paper at 100 yards with that gun now LOL My pistols just take off paint and do not damage. Bottom Line I couldn't be happier with Atlas; Well maybe If They would come and Dive the T-post (I have around 25 of their targets) I would be a Very happy man

      Leonid S.
      Didn't survive more than summer :)

      Old set didn't survive 5.56 steel core and 7.62x39 besides couple of thousands of shots. It is my fault but it got cracked :) But cheap and good anyway.

      Banghi Traweek
      The best three is

      Glad my targets are Atlas. Very tough and dependable. And easy to hang. Thanks for a great product.

      Ross Thomassie
      Brads the man!!!!

      Great company that always exceeds expectations. Unmatched customer service and quality products. The only place I’ll ever order targets.