Round AR500 Steel Gongs: 2" - 8" Single Hole


If you're up for a challenge these smaller, single hole gongs are right up your alley. If you're looking for bigger gongs you can find them here.

Customer Reviews

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Ron Wiley
Great steel

First time on the range (20 yd pistol) was great. Shot 9mm and .45. Paint smudge was the only visible damage. The steel was unaffected.
Hung well on the Atlas hooks. Shot 12", 8" and 4". The 4" would wiz around the black pipe bar about 3 times. Kind of cool.
The others recovered quickly from a hit allowing multiple fast shots.
Good product.

William Turner
Round and Diamond Shaped AR500 Steel Gongs

My shooting club really likes Brad's products. We, my shooting club and myself, have made multiple purchases in the last year. We recently purchased 10 new targets for our 25 yard line. These are great targets that just keep on giving. It's like Christmas every day I go to the range. Keep up the good work Brad, we'll be buying more!

WY Customer
Excellent Product / Weak Customer Skills

The products are excellent, and I have made 5 or 6 purchases. Brad's communication skills are sorely lacking. I have sent three separate emails - none were answered. I have made two phone calls and left messages - no calls returned. He is diligent about sending out "Please Review" emails, but I am sure that is an automated function.

Morgan Scott

Website is great and easy to navigate. Selection was just what I was looking for. I personally like the smaller targets for more challenging hits. Damn is that 2”er a tough booger. Loved the price and transaction. I will be be using for all of my steel endeavors in the future.

Kai Kremer

From the second I found the website, to the first trip to the range, the whole experience was fantastic. The website was easy to navigate, shipping was quick, and the product quality was awesome!!!