AR500 IPSC AC Zone Plate

  • CNC Laser cut AR500 steel for clean, precise cuts
  • Two 1/2" square mounting holes
  • Target measures 11-5/16" x 23-5/8"
  • Targets come painted or powder coated white
  • Compatible mounts (not included)

The IPSC AC Zone is a timeless classic for competition and weekend shooters alike. It's probably my single favorite target shape and use them aplenty on my range for everything from defensive pistol classes to long range rifle.

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Great silhouettes!!

We recently added 2 of Atlas's silhouettes to our home range, and we love them!! We've had 3 of their 12" gongs for awhile and they have held up fantastically. Thanks Brad! We'll keep ordering more as we add to our range.

Great Target

Great Target got2 thinking about getting 3 more

Excellent Quality and Fast Shipping!

This is a quality target, right down to the paint job. My only regret is not purchasing it last summer so I could have enjoyed it earlier. I bought it about a month ago and had to wait for the cold weather to pass before I could try it out. A few years ago I bought some AR500 gong targets from another company before I found out about Brad's Atlas Target Works targets. The workmanship is much better on Brad's targets. I also bought some of Brad's T-Post target hangers (a single and a double hook) for use during the winter. That way I don't have to set my swinging target stand up in the snow and have to take it down again. The double T-Post target hanger is very robust. It works great with Brad's IPSC AC Zone Plate and also works well with the other companies gongs that I have.

Better than I could have imagined

Absolutely the best target available. The quality and customer service is way above average. So glad I do business with this young man. Will be ordering again soon.

Large plate

I have three of the larger plates and numerous smaller circular targets of various sizes and they have all performed well. They handle 308 with minimal defects. I used to use targets from another company but after my first target from Atlas, I have never considered any other vender. Delivery is fast, the price is competitive, and the quality is second to none. My friends love them, too.