AR500 Front Facing Coyote Target W/ Reactive Vital

Target Mount

This is one of our most popular targets and for good reason, it's a ton of fun to shoot. The vital flapper flips up when shot so you know you hit it in the right spot, even at long range, and falls back down automatically so there's no resetting the target. It's also a very portable target that's easy to set up on the range.

Customer Reviews

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Daniel Richardson
Great Steel Targets!!

Multiple orders with Atlas. Ships right away. Quality product!!

Eric Theis
I Love It!

I really like this target for longer ranges, full animal profile lets me know if I'm close, while vitals let me dial right in. We'll be using this target for friendly wagers at the range!


This dog is such a cool spin on the normal silhouettes. Anything with reaction plates I love. I suppose a bullet could pass through either eye or the nose cut outs resulting in confusion but not likely to happen enough to matter. Great quality

Rich Martin
Front Facing Coyote is fun to shoot.

This target has nice cuts and is a lot of fun to shoot. The reactive piece swings nicely even with a 17WSM at 100 yards. I purchased it with the legs and set up is fast, easy and is stable. You can definitely hear the thud when you hit the target. Maybe with the gong pipe stand you will hear a ring but not sure. I have used it so far with the 17WSM at 100 yds, 150 yds along with the 22 Nosler at 150 yards and it didn’t appear to rock or move.
This Makes my 3rd target from Brad and pleased with all of them. Video attached is shooting it with the 17WSM at 100 yards, and using my Wraith on my 22 Nosler to record.

Joseph Kershisnik
great targets

This is the 4th target I have purchased and the quality is top notch best steel targets on the market.