AR500 Modular Rifle Rated Dueling Tree

Number of paddles

This dueling tree is hands down one of our favorite targets. Nothing shuts your buddy up about how good he is with guns quite like destroying them on a dueling tree. Win or lose you'll find yourself loading your magazines back up to give it another go.   

  • Manufactured with 3/8" thick AR500 steel
    • Paddles and main trunk are both AR500
    • Rated for up to .223 at 50 yards
  • Powder coated stand
    • What doesn't get forcibly removed via flying lead will be kept rust free!
  • Modular Design
    • Can be broken down if needed for easy transportation
    • Able to purchase a 2, 4 or 6 paddle dueling tree
    • You can start out with fewer paddles and simply add-on another module when you're ready


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews

    Heavy duty! I may cost more than the big box brand but it’s going to last longer. The extra money you spend is in steel. It’s nice.

    Awesome Dueling Tree

    Brad went above and beyond to meet my delivery timeline.

    Solid Target and lots of fun

    I love it and thrilled the stand itself is also made of 1/2” AR500 steel... I hadn’t found this anywhere else. This target stood up well to .223, 38sp, and 9mm round very well. Packaging did come back really destroyed and I was worried I may have lost some parts in the shipment, fortunately it was all there as well as a few extra nuts and bolts of odd sizes... anyway, awesome product, good quality, and lots of fun!

    Dueling Tree Update

    This is a follow up review to the previous one written. I have now expended several thousand rounds of pistol and 500 rifle ammo at this target. I have compared this target system with others on the market. (Other brands use angle steel on the main support trunk, it has bullet penetration all the way through) The material used in the dueling is of high grade AR 500 steel and placed were it should be. The durability of this tree has to set the gold standard. This tree has taken a beating from LEO training (one of their favorite targets). Only modification I made was to weld the base stand together for more stability, which I am never disassembling again. This is a great training tool for because you never know which plate will flip and it works on a lot of skill sets. Once again thanks Brad for making a quality target system and keep up the good work.

    Great product great service!

    It is very well built and easy to put together, I ordered it and it was delivered in a couple days. Highly recommended