2020 Season 22 Rimfire Target Package - Released 5/6/2020

Stake Base Leg Add-On
  • This target package is acceptable to use for the 2020 NRL22 season
  • CNC Laser cut AR400 steel for clean, precise cuts
  • Target stands include our original barbed hooks to keep your targets on without the need for rubber stoppers or separate pieces that are easy to lose or will fall off
  • Target stands also have barbed stakes to keep them securely in the dirt
  • Target Package Contains
    • (2) KYL (know your limits) target kits with...
      • (1) 1/4" Target
      • (1) 1/2" Target
      • (1) 3/4" Target
      • (1) 1" Target
      • Note that these kits come with everything but the 3/4" conduit legs/cross member that you'll have to source from a local hardware store. Each target stand has about $10 in conduit when I buy it from my local Menards.
    • (4) Single barbed hook target stands
    • (6) Double barbed hook target stands
    • (17) Round gongs in the following sizes...
      • (2) 1"
      • (3) 1-1/2"
      • (3) 2"
      • (3) 2-1/2"
      • (3) 3"
      • (1) 4"
      • (1) 5"
      • (1) 6"
  • Bundle 6 or 10 Stake Base Leg Add-On Kits to make setup much easier as well as gain a little height for your targets. Get 6 if you just want to get that bottom hook on the double hook stake bases up a little higher or get all 10 if you want the ultimate in easy setup! (These things are really awesome!)

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Great Targets!

These targets are top quality. Really going to help me and my wife practice for NRL22 matches.

Quality Target Steel!!

I got the rimfire Package!! Great set of targets/stands.... My advice go ahead and get all 10 target stands on original order!! You can’t make set up any easier than those stands!!
Service/packaging on point...
Nice to see stuff from a competitive shooter for competitive shooters!!
Nicely done sir!

Talk about fun....

Shot my first NRL22 match on a Sat. Bought these targets on a Sun. Finely cut and the welds are top notch. If you are thinking about it, stop and just buy it. You won’t regret it.

Great package

Only had it to one range trip. VERY good quality. The design of the targets make them very secure on the stands. Will definitely purchase more targets in the future

Better than the official target set

I've used the official NRL22 target pack, and this one is much better. Because the target stems are so thick from front to back, they won't bend. The barbed hooks and diamond mounting holes make it nearly impossible for the targets to pop off the hangers, like the official targets do.